Thursday, March 01, 2007

What the hell happened to my water ... ?!

So, it's not unusual for me to act a little immature ... Which is why, before I left my parents house yesterday, I might-have-sort-of-maybe hid the remote to my brothers television ... The remote that you NEED to watch the television! It's the kind of television that you can't work without the remote! So I hid it ... very sneakily, under the bed ... But right in the middle of the floor, so it's not just at the side or something that will be found quickly by just pulling the bed out ... :o) Oh yeah, I'm a grown up!
Anyway. I worked this morning. Was in a fairly down mood, and a bit grumpy as well, so I was glad to be hiding in the office, where I didn't have to talk to anyone if I didn't want to! So I was very quiet, not even really talking to Narelle, who was in the office with me.
Got home from work and rang Di, talked to her for a bit over an hour, then ended up sleeping all afternoon. Chrissie rang shortly after I woke up at 6, and we ended up talking for a bit over 2 hours ... I think it was almost 8:30 when we got off the phone.
Since then I've done a bit of cleaning, trying to tidy up a little bit since the house is slightly messy ... I've been home a day, and since I've just dumped everything since I walked in the door yesterday, and not done any dishes or washing, instead of cleaning up, things are messsssy! :o)
So I've made my bed, done a load of washing, and most of my dishes, and I went to change the water in the sink to do the rest of the dishes, only to discover that for some reason, I have no water! The guy next door to me, for god only knows what reason, sometimes turns his water off at the main, without realising that when he does that, my water also disappears! Duh! A few months ago, we had a little tug-a-war-thing, with him turning the water off, and me sneaking into his yard and turning it back on so I could do all those *luxury* things, like showering, and oh yeah, flushing my toilet! Mind you, this went on for almost 4 days before he left the water main the hell alone!
So anyway. I was going to have a bath tonight, but I guess thats off the cards now. I think I'll head to bed soon, because even though I slept for almost 5 hours this afternoon, and I've only been awake for 5 hours, I'm kinda tired. Tomorrow I'm working in the afternoon, and I think I'll spend the morning finishing off my cleaning. Might also do a bit of reading, and maybe some downloading of music. Haven't downloaded anything for a while, and I need some new songs on my iPod.
Anyway. That's about it for now. Have a lovely night, party people!

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dede warren said...

well miss smarty pants, thanks for the lost blog photo's on my blog!!! one little problem... i use a mac. i can't ever remember how to delete the cookies or clear the cashe... any suggestions?? thanks... oh and hope you catch up on your beauty rest! be happy chicka. this chicka {{aka me}} thanks you for your helpful spirit!!