Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goal ... Achieved!

Weekly progress ... 60,500 steps of 87,500 goal.

Flat ...

Feeling really flat tonight. After 5 wonderful days off, I have to go back to work tomorrow. I feel ... anxious? ... unhappy? ... just down at the thought of going back tomorrow. I constantly feel like my job is in jeopardy, and I hate it. You shouldn't have to constantly worry about what you're saying or doing, but I know that one manager in particular will jump on ANYTHING that I do, even if I'm not doing the wrong thing!
I don't know. The sooner I find a new job, the better.
The only thing I am looking forward to about work tomorrow is planning our mystery flights. It's the highlight of our social club year, hands down. And I get to organise it :-) Every year two groups are sent off for a day each to somewhere in Australia. Previously we've been to Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. When we went to the Gold Coast, I was lucky enough to swim with the seals at Sea World. Due to things being so tight at the moment, wherever I end up it will have to be a very cheap day, but that's okay. Once we get to our destination, everyone is free to do whatever they want. Some people stay in groups and hire a car for the day (like we did in Hobart last year), others split up and spend the day on their own or with their partner. It's always a very long day, but fun. So tomorrow I'm hoping to organise and book the flights :-) Yay!
Anyway, I better go hop on the treadmill. Need to hit my Fitbit goal tonight, as I didn't yesterday. Will post a photo later :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Smashed my Fitbit goals today for the first time in weeks!!

This weeks goals:

Starting today ...

- At least 12,000 steps a day
- Salad and/or veggies at least 4 days this week
- Breakfast (yoghurt or eggs) at least 5 days a week
- At least three days with no lollies and/or chocolate and/or sweets
- Work on cutting down Coke
- At least 2L of water a day.

I will check in next Sunday to mark my progress ...

Little steps :-) Little changes, a bit at a time.

Friday, January 23, 2015

So tonight, I write on my fancy-pants, shiny new laptop. Which I did not purchase, technically. And I haven't taken up stealing ...

See, a couple of weeks ago, a guy at work got fired. Some say fairly, some say unfairly. I don't know. Truth is, I don't think anyone knows the full story except for this guy. Anyway. His wife asked me to do up a new resume for him, and being the sucker that I am, I said yes. I went to do it one night, and my computer wouldn't turn on. Again. For the third time in thirteen months, my laptop had failed. Luckily, since it was a few years old, I had extended warranty on it. So I took the laptop back to the retailer I purchased it from, and asked that it be sent away and checked, but once it had been verified that it was a fault, I didn't want it fixed/repaired again since it had already failed twice. I wanted a replacement.
Naturally, they rang me the following week and said "we will repair it, end of story". I then wrote a formal complaint to the store, bearing in mind that even though the laptop was a few years old, I had paid a lot of money for it (almost $2000) and it was very well taken care of. I don't think it's acceptable to have it fail three times in 13 months.
So we went back and forth for a bit, then I got talking to a very cool manager at this store, who is one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever met. He talked to the repair people, and sorted out a solution that everyone was happy with. The replacement that I was given is a few months old and was sent in through their current warranty program, where they replace faulty machines on the spot with a completely new one, and fix the old ones, even if the fault is minor. In the case of this machine, there was a minor fault with the keyboard, which is why it was sent in for replacement and why I ended up with it :-)
(Sometimes it pays to be the whiny complainer person.)
Anyway. Two things of note happened today.
Today I went to the funeral of a 21 year old kid (the son of a workmate) who died in a car accident last week. He was speeding, and like all kids, thought he was invincible. Now a family is heartbroken, a mother and father have lost a son, and forever more their family photos will only have four in them instead of five. I hurt for his mum and dad, who are just the most beautiful and lovely people you've ever met in your life. I don't understand why this shit happens, and why it happens to good people. I know that kids will continue to kill themselves in cars until the end of time because they think nothing can hurt them, and it just seems so fucking unfair.
It was a beautiful service, a nice way to say goodbye to a good kid. It was a huge turnout. He will be so sadly missed by so many. May you rest in peace.
The other thing happened on the way to the funeral. I received an email telling me that I had progressed to the second stage of the recruitment process for the job that I really, really want. The second stage is a timed online test that must be completed within 48 hours. I did it tonight, and found it really, really frigging hard. I don't know why I'm so surprised, it's not an easy job, of course getting into it is going to be hard. But the test was MUCH more difficult than I thought it was going to be. The second part of the test was okay. Not easy, not hard, and I think I did okay. The first part, however ... I'm not so sure. Fingers crossed that I have done enough to pass and get to the next stage of the process!
Okay, after a big day, I think it's almost bed time. It's been ridiculously hot here the last few days, but tonight the cool change has finally hit and it's dropped to about 25, which is so nice. Actually, my new laptop tells me the temperature, so let me look ... It's currently 22. Tomorrow is the first day of the Australia Day long weekend, and I took a couple of extra days so I now have FIVE WHOLE DAYS OFF ... Yes, that's FIVE WHOLE DAYS WHERE I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!! Hahahaha. I'm very excited :-) I may even write again in the next few days!!!
Goodnight all!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Random thoughts ...

I always think of the future as awesome ... Because who knows where you're going to be in 6 months time? In a year? Your life could be completely different ... How cool is that. You might live somewhere new, or have your dream job.
In six months ... I could have a new job. I've applied for a job that I really, really want. A job that would use my degree, and could lead to a lot of opportunities. A job that could possibly lead to a new place to live, otherwise it will be a 40 minute drive to work.
I really want this job. If only to get away from my current place of employment, which I hate. I never thought I'd be so unhappy at the place I've worked for almost seven years, but every day I have to go back there makes me miserable. I cannot wait to leave. I've already written my resignation letter. Even if I don't get my dream job, I will take ANY other job to get out of there.

I can't remember the last time I walked the dogs. The littlest one lost her collar weeks ago, and I've only just replaced it today. The truth is, I've been in a funk, and I can't shake it. I get home from work, and I do nothing. I sit on the couch, and I watch tv or muck around with my iPad until it's time for dinner then bed. I have no energy, no interest in doing anything. I sit outside with the dogs for hours sometimes, just patting them and hanging out. But I seem to have lost my mojo and I can't find it again.

I have applied to go back to uni this year - well, part time and online, anyway. It's a Graduate Certificate in a specialised area that I think will help me find work in an area I'm really interested in. And if I get my dream job, then it will be an advantage there too. If I get accepted, study starts in March.

I desperately need to do something about my weight. I have never been as heavy as I am now, and I cannot even imagine what happens if I don't change something. I know I need to make small changes and try, but it all seems so hard. Tomorrow, though ... I am really going to try.

Relay for Life is next month. I can't wait.

I bought a new car about 4 months ago ... I LOVE IT. I LOVE TO DRIVE IT. I'm thinking of going to the beach in the next couple of weeks and doing the walk from Jan Juc to Bells, or doing the Jan Juc "Boobies" (steps). I did it a few years ago and could hardly walk the next day.