Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Visit Matty if you can, please! Please!

To start with, a reminder to please, please, please, if you have 5 minutes, check on Matty and his awesome family! This kid is just ... amazing. There are dozens of ways to say it - inspirational, courageous, graceful, angelic, full of fight - and "amazing" seems simple, but I think it's just the simple honest truth. Matty and his family are simply amazing.
Not much going on here. Monday (? I think ...!) Christine and I went looking for a fish tank for her, and I ended up coming home with a new budgie, named Micka. Micka is the chemical element for black or something (?? I don't know ... this is what Chrissie told me) or means black in science terms, and since Micka is all white (not a speck of colour anywhere on his body but white!) Christine (who brought him for me) thought that would be a good name. So now I have Henry, Georgie, Milly, and Micka. He seems to be settling in well, a little quiet, but no feathers have flown yet so it's all good.
I seem to go between total depression and bits of "ok-ness" - I don't know how else to describe it. Most of the time I'm really, really down, and I just don't care about anything, but occasionally I will laugh or smile at something. The weight of the world really does seem to be on my shoulders.
iPod has been sold ... I'll be saying good-bye to Toonz as soon as the money comes in ... god, that just sucks! He keeps me company at 3 a.m. when I can't sleep, or at 1 p.m. when I just start crying for no reason ... I worked my arse off to save up the money to buy him ... and now I gotta say goodbye. At least I got back most of the money I paid for him ($200 - i paid $299) and that will be a massive help with rent. I brought a new one on e-bay - a cheaper, smaller, less memory, one. Better than nothing, I guess.
Have to go put a cheque in the bank this afternoon - got $30 from, which arrived this morning, so that will also help. Then I'll come home and do the job search thing again.
Anyway, that's about it from here. "Later, dudes!"

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