Thursday, July 31, 2008

What. The. Hell?

Somebody typed in the following words, and ended up at my blog:

Snappz is a title hugging bitch.

Seriously. What. The. Hell??!!

Talsmuck. Hebersneck. Fasciputz.

It's actually really sad that I can think of nothing to post about. Especially considering my lack of recent posts, which might lead one to think that I have been too busy with lots of exciting stuff to post. In fact, the sad fact is that I'm boring, and I don't have much to post about. Oh, how you want to be me, don't you?!

Today, I literally did nothing all day. I was up at 7, because I had an electrictian coming at 8, and a plumber coming at 9 (to fix my exhaust fan and my bathroom sink), and they both ended up showing up at 9. So I sat on the couch for a while, as they both did their thing. The electritican cleared out by 9:30, and by 10:30 the plumber had worked his magic and disappeared as well. Shortly after plumber man left, I ended up falling asleep on the couch (how freaking slack am I?!) and didn't wake up til 12. I then spent all afternoon watching season 4 of NCIS, which I borrowed from a friend. Man, I had a busy day. I was meant to work at the cafe today, but I called last night and said I was sick. I'm not sick. I just didn't want to go. Does that give you any indication how unhappy I am there?! I just hate it. I don't want to be there any more. I'll have to figure out something else soon ...

Yeah. So, other than my exciting day, I have nothing to post about. Nothin'. Oh, my couch died tonight. I sat on it, and the frame basically buckled underneath me and i ended up on the floor. I'm not that fat, I swear! I think it was two years of having my niece and nephew, random people and family, and demon dog jumping all over it, and it just gave up. Not a big suprise, since I knew it was slowly falling apart, but I'm still not sure how I'm going to afford a new one. It's only one end of it at the moment, so I've been very gently sitting on the other end :-) Hoping that that will be enough to make it last for another month or so, until I can get some money for a new one.

Ugh. I can't believe how little I actually have to say. It's not even like I'm thinking stuff that I don't want to post about. This is it. I've totally become a boring nimrod. A dishkoink. A fubbatum. A complete bumztook. So boring that I have to make up words to describe how boring I am ... How sad is that. Anyway. I haven't finished Season 4 of NCIS and I've got to do some cleaning, so I should probably go ... Laterz, dudes.

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Work ... Again.

Because I have no life, and can think of nothing else to post about ...

On our front counter at work, we have a box of chocolates that are $1 each. T is selling them to raise money for his daughters preschool. It's been great, and we've all been pigging out. Big Boss decided he wanted one yesterday ...
BB: RIGHT! Which one of you rotten bastards stole all the peppermint ones?!

So funny!

Monday, July 28, 2008


So. Work.

I freaking LOVE that place! *lol*

Here's some snippets from the last couple of weeks ...

[T is laughing hysterically]
Me: What are you laughing at? Seriously, what?
T: I just stuck my finger up at that truck driver!
Me: Travis. Seriously! You're like 35!
T [still laughing]: I'm 37, actually!
Me: Oh. My. God!

Me: Ok, so there's 4 columns of figures. That plus that equals time on road, and that plus that equals time off road, yeah?
M: Yep, that's right. And that column there is loading time, and that one is dumping time.
Me: Cool. Oh. Wait ...
M: What? What's wrong?
Me: Man, my feet are freaking cold.
M: ... What?! You wanna tell me where that came from?

Me: There's a dude on the phone. Wants a quote.
M: Dude?? Dude??!
Me: I'm trying to raise my 'cool' factor. Is it workin, homey?
M: Oh my god.
Me: Ok, I'm going to go back to Dorkville now. Call if you need anything.

[Last Wednesday, before I left, M wanted me to show Lynda how to do the VLS sheets I'd been doing all week, so he could transfer them onto new sheets.]
M: ... And you can explain it to Lynda ...
Me: Hell no!
M: Please?
Me: Hell no! I want to leave in 15 minutes, not 4 hours and 15 minutes!
M: Ok, fine. I'll do it.
[This morning, I get to work and M hands me a heap of VLS sheets that need to be done]
Me: I thought Lynda was going to finish these of last week.
M: I gave up trying to explain it to her. Do you have any idea how friggin hard it was? I tried and tried. And tried. And she STILL didn't get it!
Me: Hehehe ... Crap, now I have to do them!
M: Hahahaha.

Me: Yeah, Saturday was not my day. Collingwood lost, my fish died, then I broke up with my boyfriend.
M: That sucks!
Me: Yeah. I don't know what I'm more upset about - the footy or the fish.
T: What about the boyfriend?
Me: Pfft. Good riddance.
M laughing.
T: Well, you know what they say ... There's plenty more fish in the sea. Watch out for sharks, though! [Laughing to himself, like he's said something hilarious and witty.]
Me: [mumbling to myself] So weird ...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Coz I'm wondering, how you really feel ...

Not many real posts lately. Guess I've been in a funk lately. Family stuff.

You see, even though I haven't spoken to my brother in a year and a half, it seems that he hasn't changed. Even a bit. He's still the same manipulative, lying, bastard he was when I last spoke to him.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised. I mean, really, what do I expect? He's allowed to keep getting away with his behaviour. No one wants to upset him, so no one stops him. How fucked is that? I mean, really. Don't want to upset the violent alcoholic in case he gets upset and angry, so we'll just continue to let him drink as much as he likes. Hey, maybe one day we'll get up and the problem will just be gone. That would be helpful. Wow, isn't that just the best plan you've ever heard?

Wow, even pissed off, I can still do the sarcasm. Kudos to me.

I don't know. I just feel like ... Nothing has changed, you know? Meanwhile, my nephew is getting older. Understanding more. Realising that daddy scares him sometimes. Knowing that he has to be good all the time. How is that right? What the hell?

And, what's even more frustrating is that I don't know what else I can do. I've voiced my concerns. My family know exactly where I stand. I've called Department of Human Services (DHS). What more can I do? I have no options. I'm not there. I don't know when he is drunk or when he's not. Otherwise I'd be calling the cops on him. As it is, the cops say that it's a DHS matter, call them and they'll take care of it. Yeah, right. Tried that. More than once. And what happened? Fuck all.

I feel like I'm failing. When I saw Jordyn at Christmas, we were doing this thing. I was sitting on a chair, with my legs stretched out, and Jordyn was on my legs, standing up while I held his arms. He went all the way to the left, and I didn't let him fall. All the way to the right, and still, I didn't let him fall. He knew he was safe. I told him I wouldn't let anything happen to him. I feel like I'm letting him fall. And I can't stop it. I broke my promise that he'd be safe.

I don't know what to do.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


New secrets are up @ PostSecret. Check 'em out.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hope ...

~~ "Hope"~~
If you can look at the sunset and smile,then you still have hope.
If you can find beauty in the colors of a small flower, then you still have hope.
If you can find pleasure in the movement of a butterfly, then you still have hope.
If the smile of a child can still warm your heart, then you still have hope.
If you can see the good in other people, then you still have hope.
If the rain breaking on a roof top can still lull you to sleep, then you still have hope.
If the sight of a rainbow still makes you stop and stare in wonder, then you still have hope.
If the soft fur of a favored pet still feels pleasant under your fingertips, then you still have hope.
If you meet new people with a trace of excitement and optimism, then you still have hope.
If you give people the benefit of a doubt, then you still have hope.
If you still offer your hand in friendship to others that have touched your life, then you still have hope.
If receiving an unexpected card or letter still brings a pleasant surprise, then you still have hope.
If the suffering of others still fills you with pain and frustration, then you still have hope.
If you refuse to let a friendship die, or accept that it must end, then you still have hope.
If you look forward to a time or place of quiet and reflection, then you still have hope.
If you still buy the ornaments, put up the Christmas tree or cook the turkey, then you still have hope.
If you still watch love stories or want the endings to be happy, then you still have hope.
If you can look to the past and smile, then you still have hope.
If, when faced with the bad, when told everything is futile, you can still look up and end the conversation with the phrase...."yeah....BUT.." then you still have hope.
Hope is such a marvelous thing.
It bends, it twists, it sometimes hides, but rarely does it break.
It sustains us when nothing else can.
It gives us reason to continue and courage to move ahead, when we tell ourselves we'd rather give in.
Hope puts a smile on our face when the heart cannot manage.
Hope puts our feet on the path when our eyes cannot see it.
Hope moves us to act when our souls are confused of the direction.
Hope is a wonderful thing, something to be cherished and nurtured, and something that will refresh us in return.
And it can be found in each of us, and it can bring light into the darkest of places.
Never lose hope.
--Author Unknown

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I deserve to be with somebody who doesn't cross his fingers and hope that he falls in love with me, maybe, someday.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, today I'm home from work, sick. Which is a bummer, because I actually like my job. But I feel like crap, so I wouldn't have been much use to anyone. I've got tonsilitis and a chest infection. Woo hoo. Ragin'.

I got no sleep last night. Went to bed at 11, tossed and turned for ages ... At 1 a.m. I got up and made a milky-good milo. At 2 a.m. I got up and started watching the Gilmore Girls. At 4 a.m. I decided to do some work, just bits and pieces that have come home with me over the last week. At 5 a.m. I started putting some new photos up on my walls. I finally crashed on the couch at about 6:30, only to have my alarm go off for work at 7 a.m. So, I rang Mick, and told him that although I knew that he would miss me terribly, he'd have to do without me today. He said he'd try his best not too get too distraught, and that I should take it easy.

I was going to go back to bed after ringing work, but I only had an hour and a half to wait until I could ring the doctor and make an appointment, so I decided it would probably be easier to just stay awake.

I'm so tired now though ... :-) Kind of over-tired, I think. I want to go to sleep, but I can't. I have tried. In bed, on the couch. The sleep thing just aint workin for me.

I don't really have much else to say ... Ugh. So brain dead today :-) I got a medical certificate for today and tomorrow, but I'll probably go to work tomorrow. It's only half a day, and the guys will be missing me, I'm sure :-P *lol* Plus, I'm already bored out of my brain. What would I do with another day at home? I am meant to be going to Kerang tomorrow after work, I guess I could just go in the morning ... But I wanna go to work. *lol*

Anyway, I'm going to take off. Might go watch some more Gilmore Girls and try to sleep on the couch.

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stupid Car. Stupid winter. Stupid Monday.


Sometimes, I hate my car.

It's freezing here in the mornings at the moment. Hello, it's winter so it's to be expected, I guess.

But my car does not like the cold mornings. It's so old it's got a choke, which has to be pulled out for a while before I go anywhere.

I've been parking my car in the backyard, because last week, 3/4 of a tank of petrol went missing from my car when it was parked out the front on the street.

So, out the back I went a few minutes ago to warm up my car.

To get out of my backyard, I have to reverse out of my carport, do a quick turn, then a kind of three point turn to get out, because its so narrow.

I reverse out ... And my car friggin dies. And, because I'm going down, it lurches backwards.

Into a tree.

Hello, smashed tail light.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

The week of Snappz.

Big Week.

Let's see ...

We have a new addition to the House of Snappz. Wednesday I went to visit a friend and returned home with two cockatiels. Her father-in-law had given them to her, and she's not really a cockatiel kind of person. She wants a Ring Neck (no idea what that is, some kind of bird obviously), but was told by her other half that she couldn't get one until she'd found a home for her cockatiels. Enter Snappz. I'm pretty sure they hate me - Jim has bitten me about 5 times already, (hard enough to draw freaking blood each time) and Stella just squawks at me every time I go anywhere near the cage. Maybe they'll settle in, and you know, stop attacking me.

Mother Snappz and Father Snappz left on Wednesday, taking off on their Excellent Adventure. They're driving up to the NT to spend a couple of weeks up there with my dumbass brother and his family. By Wednesday night they'd made it to SA, by Thursday night they'd almost hit the SA/NT border, and by Friday lunchtime they were there (in Alice Springs, NT). They made it up a few days earlier than they'd planned, so now they've got some extra time up there. I spoke to mum briefly on Friday, and she said they were thrilled that they'd finally made it. I'm heading home this Wednesday arvo after work, to check on the house, collect the mail, and hang out with the dog. One of dad's friends is feeding Sherlock while they're gone, but Mother Snappz wants me to go check on the plants, etc. I'll probably head back to Bendigo on Thursday morning.

Sister Snappz called the other night, to tell me that she's engaged. (This is turning into quite the family update, huh?) She was thrilled, and I knew something was up as soon as I answered the phone. I figured she was going to tell me that a new niece or nephew was on the way. But no, on Wednesday she proposed (yes, she proposed) to her boyfriend. Wedding planning has already started, even though they have decided not to get married until July 2010. Yup, two years away. I'm going to be a bridesmaid, my nieces will be flowergirls, and my nephew will be pageboy. She's planning on either a blue or burgundy dress for me, which sounds nice. She also said that two years will give me plenty of time to lose weight ... Think that was a hint, or something?!

On Friday, I got to hang out with my gorgeous little godson for the day, which was heaps of fun. He turned two yesterday, so his mum was doing last minute birthday party stuff all day Friday. We had a good day, like any two year old he loves the word "No", which cracked me up over and over. He's got a Bob toy that he's very attached to, so wherever we went, Bob had to come too. We went and did some shopping together, and I got him a pair of ridiculous oversized sunglasses with fake nose attached. Well, he fell in love. And wouldn't take them off. Picture a two year old, walking down the main street in Bendigo, wearing a massive pair of fake sunnies, with Bob clutched in his hand. It was so friggin funny. I did get some photos on my mobile phone, and I'll totally be showing them at his 21st!

Yesterday I worked at the cafe. I love, love, love my other job - the office one - and I'm starting to think the universe is trying to balance me out, with one awesome job and one totally shitty job. I'm still looking for something else, but I only have certain days that I'm available, which most people see as a problem. My boss is on holidays at the moment, which is great for her, but before she went on holidays she should have organised everything and prepared properly. Seriously, if she'd done her organising properly, she would have realised that there was a big event on in Bendigo yesterday, literally right across the road from the cafe. As in, on the other side of the freaking street there was literally hundreds of people, all of whom decided to come visit us at lunchtime. Which was great for business, but there was only me and another girl on. We needed at least another two or three people on to handle all the work. We had people waiting 40+ minutes for their food and drinks! And, even better, there was no one else we could call in. The other two people who work there were both working last night. They couldn't come in early, because it would be too many hours in one shift for them. I was really pissed off. Seriously, this wasn't an event that just popped up out of nowhere. It had been planned, and my boss should have known about it. She should have organised more staff before she went away on her little holiday.

I was actually meant to be on call for work today, but I turned my phone off. I was so pissed off with the whole place. I'm not sure if they tried to call - couldn't really care if they did. I don't get paid enough, and I don't like my job enough, to deal with that kind of shit.

Last night, I went to my godson's 2nd birthday/his parents housewarming party. I only stayed for a few hours, because I was pretty much exhausted from work. I was hoping to go with a friend, so she could drive and I could have a few drinks, but she piked on me, so I went out to Raywood alone. It was a fun night, cold outside, but they had a bonfire and lots of hot food to eat :-) Can't beat that.

Today, I've spent the day cleaning. My house was getting pretty messy, as it usually does towards the end of the week. Usually I clean on Thursdays, but I was out all day Thursday, had the kiddo on Friday, and worked on Saturday. So, it didn't get done until today. It's nice and spotless now though, and I've just started cooking dinner to mess up the kitchen again. The only thing I haven't done is clean my bedroom, because I'm now out of energy. And to be honest, I prefer my room a little messy. Too clean creeps me out. I do have about 4 new tops that I got on Friday that I need to hang up though. Gotta love bargain season! I think the most I spent on a new top on Friday was $12! Yup. Seriously. But I'm really broke at the moment, so it's about all I can afford. I was getting sick of wearing the same tops to the office over and over though, so figured I should add a couple of new ones in. I also got a new bra, which is seriously the most comfortable bra I've ever owned. I love it. I may have to marry it and have children with it. Little bra children. Hahaha. Man, I'm tired.

Anyway, I better take off. Catchya later, dudes ...

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

Friday, July 11, 2008

:-) Totally random.

‘I’m smiling, that alone should scare you.’

... hahaha.

Monday, July 07, 2008

From work ...

Me: Why do you hate me, you piece of crap? Why don't you just go jump in a freaking lake.
Mick: Are you talking to your ... computer?
Me: Well. Yes. I didn't realise you were there ...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oops ... !

So, so tired.

What do you do when you're sleeping next to someone who, I kid you not, is snoring like a demented freight train? Seriously, it was so loud I'm amazed he didn't wake himself up. And it didn't matter what position he was in - on his back, side, stomach, other side, half on his back/half on his side -, he still continued to snore loud enough to wake the freaking dead. Around 3 a.m. I gave up and went and crashed on the couch for a while, because my head was pounding and I so desperately needed some sleep. I got a couple of hours before heading back to bed. I'm still not quite sure why exactly I went back to bed, because the snoring hadn't stopped. Insanity, I guess, brought on by lack of sleep maybe?!

But, it wasn't all bad, because I got some work done, I read yesterdays paper from cover to cover, watched some tennis, snacked on some strawberries, and had the ____ (brilliant/stellar/genius/fantastic - pick word of your choice and insert here) idea for this post.

I have always been one of those people who can talk about, and laugh about, sex. It's natural, and it's a part of life. And sometimes things don't go to plan. It can be embarrassing as hell, or you can laugh about it and move on. I'm the laugh about it kind of girl.

For example, recently I was with someone who's mobile phone started ringing at pretty much the same time that we were getting right into it. Things were hot and happenin ... And the phone starts ringing. For some reason, I found it hilarious, and couldn't stop giggling. He declined to answer the call, and mumbled something about "Ignore it" ... Little hard to do with the ring tone that was on the phone.

There was also the time when I was with an ex, and the whole time we were having sex, Ashton Kutcher was in the loungeroom on the Punk'd dvd yelling "Hellllloooo? PICK SOMETHING!!!" and "We're in the DICTIONARY!!!" I'd been watching Season 1 (2?) of Punk'd before he arrived, and the dvd finished. Because I hadn't turned it off, and I wasn't selecting anything on the dvd menu, ever minute or so, Ashton would pop up and say one of those two things. It was friggin hilarious.

(A few weeks after that, I had a friend and her boyfriend staying at my house. Shortly after they went to bed, I sent my friend (who knew the story) a text message as a joke, saying "Helllllloooo? PICK SOMETHING!!!" She asked me the next day, "How did you know? We were being so quiet! You did it right when things got hot!" I had to admit that I didn't actually know, I was just being a dickhead :-))

Or the time when I was with someone, and for some reason I kept calling him Greg. His name was not actually Greg. Nor do I actually know anyone named Greg. I've never had a crush on someone named Greg, or dated anyone named Greg. I still, for the life of me, cannot figure out where Greg came from. That relationship didn't last for long, he was convinced that I was cheating on Greg or that I was secretly in love with Greg. The fact that there was no Greg ... Well, that didn't seem to matter.

Anyway. That's enough embarrassing stories from me ... If I had any class, I'd probably blush, but instead I'm just going to say ... "Stuff it. LAUGH about it!" Peace out, homeys.

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Abbey and Ian.


6 years ago today.

Still thinking of you guys.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


I know. I've been so totally slack this week.

In my defence ... Well, I have no defence, actually. I haven't been crazy-busy or depressed about anything ... Just haven't been on the computer much. Just been flat out lazy :-) Yay, go me!

I worked Monday/Tuesday/half of Wednesday at the office like usual. Have I mentioned how much I love that place?! Yesterday was actually the first time I've had a crappy day there, and it was because I had some guy on the phone who was on a crappy mobile line so I couldn't understand most of what he was saying. He called me fucking stupid, which is always nice to hear. Meg, our accounts chick, was in my office when I answered the call, and when I hung up I turned to her and went "Wow. He was a lovely guy". Mick, who I share the front office with, wasn't in when the call came, so Meg hung around til he got back, because she knew he was going to be pissed off. And he was. Whoever that guy was (and I have a pretty good idea - Mick agrees with me), he's going to get an earful when Mick catches up with him, because he was not impressed that I'd been spoken to like that. It wasn't so much the language that bothered me, because hello, I swear like a sailor on leave at times, it was the way he said it - he was so angry, and he meant it. Why? Because I couldn't hear him properly because of his crappy line. Not my fault, buddy. Anyway, by the time I left I was laughing about it, and told Mick that when he was speaking to the guy to ask him out for me, he's definitely someone I'd want to take home to mum and dad. That got a laugh from Mick :-)

Hmm ... What else ... There hasn't been much else happening here. I didn't go to bed til 3 this morning, and I had to be up at 8 because I had an electrictian coming to look at my stove. I got up that early, and he WASN'T EVEN HOT. Seriously. So disappointed, is all I'm saying. He actually rang at 7:45 to ask what time we'd made the appointment for. I was very impressed with his professionalism. *lol* But, my stove is now working, and I'm getting new drip trays since the old ones are rusted through, so all is good.

Ended up going back to bed about 9 this morning after the electrictian left :-) Ahh, lazy huh? Slept til almost 2. I haven't been sleeping well this week, and I figured that I've got nothing on today, so why the hell not. Thinking now about having a bath then going for a walk somewhere. Have to clean my house this afternoon or tomorrow, as Pete's coming this weekend. It's not that dirty, but I usually clean it at the end of the week anyway.

Hmm ... What else ... Well, there isn't much more to say :-) I've been pretty boring this week. Oh, Origin Three was on last night, and QLD won, and took out the series, 2 - 1 ... :-( They've won the last three series now ... That's ok. Next year will be Year Of The Blue. It was a damn good game last night though, it was close and it could have gone either way. There were a couple of times with only 5 or so minutes left in the second 40 that I thought NSW might score to equal, but I guess it wasn't to be. Oh well.

Anyway. It's actually 3:55 p.m. ... I went and had a shower half way through writing this ... I should probably go and do something now that I've wasted half of the day. Peace out, dudes.

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.