Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I freaking love my job. I'm not sure why - I don't do anything amazing, or special. It's just fun. Every day is slightly different, but similar ... If that makes sense :-)

8:30 - 8:50 - Leave home and head to work. Swing by the Post Office on the way, check our PO Box and mail off anything from the office.

8:55 - Arrive at work with the mail. Get myself organised.

9:00 - 9:30 - Open mail and distribute. Go through the docket summaries from the day before and bank cash, organise checks etc.

9:30 - 11:30 - Spend the morning drowning in paperwork. Answer the phone 75 times, transferring each call, and laughing at the rude morons after I've hung up.

11:32 - Offer a bribe (money or a slab of beer) to the first person who can "break" the phones for me. Get myself some morning tea from the tea room and spend a couple of minutes chatting to whoever is around.

11:40 - Consider shredding paperwork, then realise that's probably not the best idea. Get back into it.

11:45 - 11:55 - Get into an important financial discussion with Meg. Mutually agree that the extra money that has appeared in the til (a couple of hundred dollars, and no one knows where it's come from or why the til is now up) should be put into the Social Club to make one hell of a Christmas Party. Decide the best way to sell this to the guys is to translate it into the number of beers the money could buy at said party. Guys? Guys, if we put the extra money from the til into the social club, then we could get an extra 85 pots of beer at the party! Woo hoo!

11:55 - 1:45 - Finish important financial discussion and put aside paperwork for a while. Fold 150 newsletters. Laminate some stuff. Send out some price books to people who want to have a look at what we have, but can't be bothered to come in. Get a list of what's needed and organise a stationary order. Fire Publisher up and make up some signs. Read through minutes of the last meeting, and print off blank minutes sheet for the next meeting which is coming up. Make a note of what still needs to be done before the next meeting. Leave post-it notes for those who haven't finished their tasks.

1:45 - 2:15 - Eat lunch. Hop up and down about 35 times and answer phones, transferring calls or taking messages. Thank god there's a phone in the tea room, so I don't have to keep running back to my desk. Wonder how pathetic it would make me seem if I started eating at my desk to save time ...

2:15 - Pull out paperwork again. Get my list of figures, and start the monthly graphs. Swear at myself, the desk, the phone and the computer as I realise that somehow our drivers have managed to stuff up their sheets. Either that, or they've gone back in time. Mumble under my breath and screw up my nose as I get more and more annoyed. Seriously, have they got a freaking time machine in their trucks?

4:30 - Consider pulling out hair. Cause fear and chaos when I announce to the office that the next driver who goes back in time/stuffs up their sheet will have to deal with me.

4:45 - Start packing up for the end of the day. Organise paperwork into piles of what's done, what needs to be done, and what can't yet be done. Tick off what I've finished, put in M's office to get signed off on. Count til, put in safe. Close and lock all windows. Make sure all split-system heaters are off.

4:55 - Yell "Are you kidding me?!" when M hands me more driver sheets to do tomorrow. Roll my eyes and tell him he's lucky it's almost knock-off time, otherwise I'd so kick his arse.

5:00 - Pick up mail that needs to be sent off in the morning. Grab my bag, make sure I've got all my crap from the tea room. Check milk supplies and see if I need to stop on the way to work tomorrow morning. Take some paperwork home with me, to see if I can get a head start on tomorrow. Answer one last phone call, take a message.

5:05 - Time to head home.
5:15 - Home!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm a germ-filled miserable walking headache ...

So, I've been struck down with the cold.

It's not that shocking, I guess, when you consider that both my nieces, who I spent four days with last week/weekend, and almost everyone at work, has it.

I honestly didn't realise how shitty a cold could make you feel. Now I totally get why we've had so many people at work call in sick with the cold.

I've never had headaches like this before. Ever. I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning, and not even 15 seconds later, I was crying from the pain. I took three Panafen (Ibuprofen and codeine) and didn't move for an hour and a half. Finally they started to work, and it didn't hurt so bad to move my head. And this has been happening for three days. I've been taking tablets every two to three hours, day and night.

I've been drinking about 5 litres of water a day since my throat is so sore, and I constantly feel like I'm dehydrated. I've been waking at 2 or 3 a.m., drinking a 750 ml bottle of water and going straight back to bed.

I can't figure out if I'm hot or cold, so my heater is either on high, or I have my front door open so the freezing cold wind can come in and cool me down.

I've been through an entire box and a half of tissues in two days.

And, oh yay, in the last three days I've had about 8 asthma attacks, which has just added to the fun.

Hopefully, the worst has passed. I still feel crappy, and I'm just about to have (another) early night in the hope that some sleep might help, but today I think I felt a little bit better than yesterday? Maybe? A little bit?


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Me. Tonight.

Sorry about the length ...

I don't even know where to begin ...

I've been in Melbourne for the last few days. I went to see my sister and my nieces. I went to have a relaxing few days, chilling out, playing with the kids. I went to do some shopping.

It didn't quite go to plan, though.

Firstly, I decided to drive to Melbourne. Which I've never actually done before, but I figured it's only two and a half hours, how hard can it be? Usually I take the train, which takes two hours to get to Melbourne, then I get onto another train out to my sisters, which takes another hour and a half (if Connex hasn't cancelled services. Even if they have, the trains are usually packed.). So, I went "stuff it, I'm driving". I got directions off whereis.com.au, and left early on Thursday morning (6 a.m.).

Seriously? It would have been faster to take the freaking train.

I got lost. Somehow, somewhere, I must have taken a wrong turn. I ended up at Essendon (about 45 k's from my sisters) and I had no idea how to get back to where I needed to be. Add to that that it was freaking peak hour in Melbourne, bumper to bumper traffic, which I am not used to, and throw in the fact that everyone in that damn city drives like morons, and I was a little stressed.

Eventually, after running up a huge mobile phone bill on whereismobile.com (and visiting suburbs such as Tullamarine, Bayswater, Nunawadding, Donvale - none of which are really on the way to my sisters, might I add), I found my way. I got to my sisters a little after 10:30 a.m. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS OF DRIVING! FOR A TWO AND A HALF HOUR TRIP! The first thing I did? Take myself off to Knox City (big shopping centre) and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a GPS for my car. Considering I can barely pay my bills at the moment it probably wasn't a terrifically smart move, but oh my god, does it make things soooo much easier. Coming home today was about a thousand times less stressful, because all I had to turn was "turn right in 500 metres", and "turn left in 100 metres". Seriously, it was worth every single cent, and I'll be using it when I drive to my sisters again.

So ... Thursday I went to Knox with my three year old niece and we did some shopping. Obviously I tested her patience a little too much though, because once we were done shopping, and were on our way out, she started crying. And she cried the whole way home. She cried at an old man who asked her name, she cried at the bus driver who gave her a free ticket to cheer her up, she cried when we stopped at traffic lights ... And she cried when I started laughing at her. I know! Seriously, what kind of meanie laughs at a crying kid?! It was funny though. She was just over-tired, and no one was going to make her happy!

Thursday night, I was exhausted. Driving for hours, shopping and a loooong day had tired me out. I crashed at about 11 p.m ... only to be woken up at 11:30 by my sister, upset and yelling, because my brother rang (drunk, of course), threatening to kill himself.

Oh. My. God.

Then he hung up, and wouldn't answer his damn phone again. Hello, stress levels. A few minutes later, one of his ex-girlfriends, who is good friends with my sister, was banging on the front door, upset because he'd rung her to say goodbye, since he was nothing but a disappointment to everyone, and he couldn't handle this anymore ...

Oh. My. God.

So, my sister keeps ringing him, and finally he answers and they find out where he is. Olivia, his ex, goes to pick him up and take him home so he can sleep it off.


He gets in her car, only to start crying and then jump out at traffic lights, saying he's going to kill himself, yada yada yada. So Olivia, not knowing what the hell to do, rings the police, and asks them to look for him. Meanwhile, my sister and I are still awake, worried, and not knowing what is going on. Eventually the police ring to tell us that they've found him and they're going to keep him for a few hours until he sleeps it off.

Finally, bed time?


Baby Smurf, that gorgeous little niece of mine, decides to wake up. Screaming. Doesn't want a bottle, doesn't want to crawl around on the floor, doesn't want to do anything but scream because she's reallllly unhappy, and she wants the world to know it. We finally managed to get her to sleep just after 4 a.m.

Ahh, sleep.

I got just over 2 hours before little Bug Eyes, my other niece was up to start the day.

Needless to say, I was not at my best on Friday. We did some shopping at Knox, and spent the afternoon at home, hanging out. My sister rang my brother to tell him she'd had enough and that he's not welcome at her house anymore, she's sick of the lying and manipulating. He could only swear and carry on about being picked up by the police the night before.

Friday night, Baby Smurf was again the unhappiest kid in the world, and wouldn't take her bottle, which was a bit of a worry. She'd had nothing since Friday morning and my sister was worried about her dehydrating. This went on Friday night and Saturday morning, so she rang Nurse on Call, who advised her to take the Smurfette to the hospital to get her checked out. Six hours at the hospital showed up ... A healthy kid! A close examination of her mouth did reveal a white spot ... She's got a tooth coming in! So the nurses gave Amanda a syringe to shoot the milk into Smurfette's mouth :-) Saturday night she drank a full bottle this way, although she was still very unsettled.

She woke us at 2 a.m. this morning, still cranky, but she had another full bottle via the syringe. It was perfect timing, because it meant that I got to watch the end of the Storm game which was on Channel 9. What a freaking amazing finish! 45 seconds to go and the Storm won! Baby Smurf couldn't figure out why she wasn't the only one yelling in the loungeroom! :-)

Eventually, (a little after 3 a.m.) we all went back to bed. And this morning? Guess who woke up all smiles, with a brand new tooth poking through the gum?

Yep! She did it!

And she was like a totally different kid. For the last few days all she's done is cry and scream and cling to whoever's closest, but today? All smiles. And giggles. It was so awesome to see her feeling so much better!

So, after hanging out with the girls for a while, and cooking pancakes for breakfast, I started packing up to head home. I was so, so tired, (in the last 3 night I would have had maybe three hours each night) and I figured I'd better get going before I realised just how tired I was. As I'm packing, however, the phone rings.

My sister had given her MIL the rent money. And MIL was ringing to say that the rent money was $50 short.

It appears drunk, dickhead brother helped himself to the money last weekend while he was visiting.

Seriously. What next???

So then my sisters boyfriend cracked the shits and they had a screaming fight, which ended when he walked out. Ugh.

I stayed a while longer, helped bath the Smurf and talked to my sister, then I took off.

And now, I'm home. Tired, and just about ready to cry. It just feels like one thing after another, you know?

And my brother. What the hell?

I know I haven't spoken to him in a year and 9 months, and I didn't think that I cared about him that much, but the worry inside me at the moment is just ... Huge. I'm scared. So scared.

And the thing that scares me, and pisses me off, is that he won't change. He's had so many opportunities and he won't change. He keeps drinking and stuffing up and manipulating and lying and what the hell can be done? He's going to end up dead, because we can't frigging do a thing to make him realise that he's wrecking his goddamn life.

Where do we go from here? I'm not speaking to him. My sister isn't speaking to him. Dad has had enough as well. Mum is still trying, and he's breaking her heart. And he doesn't give a fuck, he won't CHANGE.

I don't even know what to say.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, Collingwood are out of the finals ... :-( I don't know what the hell happened. How could we lose to ST KILDA??! Seriously. I mean, they're a great team and all, but ... ??!! We were playing for a spot in the semi-final, and we couldn't beat them? Disappointing, Pies, disappointing.

I worked today and yesterday, at the cafe/ice creamery. We had a couple of good days, as the weather has been beautiful. We were meant to get rain today, which meant we were planning a quite day, but so far it's been sunny (although very windy) all day. Ahh, spring! :-)

Anyway, I better go cook me some dinner ... Er, heat up the takeaway from last night. I actually just came to share some new sites I've found, so here goes.

Nick, the Xray Photographer ... This is strangely fascinating.

Fail Blog ... Is pretty freaking funny.

Cosha's ... This could be considered a little ... err ... dirty. Don't say you weren't warned!

DatingFun.com ... Random trivia.

Disapproving Rabbits ... How friggin gorgeous! And so funny! I'm only pissed I didn't discover it sooner :-)

I can has cheezburger ... Not usually a cat person, but this is pretty cool.

And, as always, new secrets are up at PostSecret. Check em out!

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hey Mel,

So, it's been seven years since you were last here with us. September 13, 2001. And here I am, writting to you again, continuing the tradition that I started in 2002. I gotta tell you, it sucks. This is not the tradition that I would have wished for, ever, but here we are anyway.

It doesn't get any easier, you know. I might laugh more when I think about you and I may cry less ... But it doesn't really get any easier, knowing that you're not here, and you're not coming back. It still hits me at the strangest times - it's like I forget and then - wham. Mel's dead. The realisation takes my breath away and makes me stop cold for a minute. How? Why? Mel?

You give me smiles at the most random times. All it takes is a song on the radio that we played at your funeral, or an expression that someone might say that makes me automatically think of you, and I'm smiling. Sometimes I'm having a bad day, or I'm upset about something, and it turns everything around. It's like you're watching over me, and it rocks, dude! Keep it up.

It's weird - so many times this week my thoughts have gone to you. On Tuesday night, I dreamt of school, and of Kelly. It was the strangest dream I'd ever had - it made no sense, but I woke up knowing that you gave that dream to me. And then at work, one of the guys started whistling one of the songs that your mum played at your funeral. Out of nowhere. On Wednesday, I heard another song from the funeral on the radio, which I haven't heard in months. Today, I was out house hunting. We ended up at Adams St (!!!!), looking at a place. Thank you.

So, we've made it through another year without you. We share our stories. We see your face. We hear your laugh. Quietly, you live on within us. Your smile stays in our minds, because you were Mel. Who could forget you?

Miss you, Miss Melody.

If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call to make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?

Friday, September 12, 2008

22 degrees!

Spring has sprung. Thank freaking god, because I'm sick of cold, rainy weather.

Right now, it's sitting on 22 degrees, and I've actually got my house open to air it out a little. Outside is a little cloudy, but it's waaaarm. Woo hoo!

Of course, with spring comes hayfever. Yesterday I went house-hunting WITH A BOX OF TISSUES. Yeah. I couldn't stop sneezing long enough to go anywhere, so we ended up leaving with the tissues. I looked like shit. And today is a repeat performance. I'm going to have to go to the doctor to get a refferal to a specialist. I've tried every tablet/nasal spray/natural remedy out there. Some work, but usually only for a couple of days. Ugh. And I can only imagine how bad it's going to be at the office this summer with all the dust and pollens floating around. So I should probably get onto it before it gets worse.

So, yeah. I haven't done an entry for a while. Last week I worked all week - my usual two and a half days at the office, as well as Wednesday afternoon and Thursday as the other girl was sick. She was back on Friday, which was great for me because it meant that I didn't have to cancel my appointment to get my car fixed in Kerang. So, Friday morning I was up early and when I got home, dad took my car to the mechanic and mum and I hung out at home. Saturday and Sunday I worked at the cafe, (yes, I'm still there - don't ask) and as usual, it was not fun.

This week I worked Monday, was off Tuesday sick, and worked my usual half day on Wednesday. Yesterday I went house-hunting with Christine, which was fun. There's about 4 that we want to check out a little more - two that we really like. Hopefully we'll make a decision in the next couple of weeks and get the ball rolling soon. I swear, this will be the LAST time that I move ... Ever. *lol* Just looking around my place, realising how much crap I'll have to pack up gives me a headache :-) Not to mention, we'll be putting devil dog (Jersey) and Buckley in the one house, and throwing in my birds and Christine's fish (who are at constant risk of being eaten by Jersey). And Buckley will become an outside rabbit ... Don't know how he'll like that ... He's used to be inside. (Yeah, he's spoilt rotten!) I've already said that he'll be coming inside when it's too hot (32+ degrees) because as a rabbit, he's got no way to release heat (rabbits can't pant like dogs) and summer outside could easily kill him. So, we've got it all planned out. We just have to find *the* house :-)

What else ... That's about it, really. I've been very boring. Today I spent the day cleaning the house, doing washing, and cleaning out the bunny and birdies cages. Oh-so-fun. Now I'm going to go cook me something to eat, and listen to some music. Ahh, what a nice end to a day off :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wanna smile?

Check out Torrie's blog, and watch this video. It reminds me of the way Bug Eyes used to dance when she was younger. She'd dance to any and all music, and it ALWAYS made me smile.

Work ...

From work ...

B: "I'm having a bad sock day, ok? You wanna make something of it?"

Big Boss:"Oh yeah, the chicks totally dig it. The wife isn't too impressed though!"