Sunday, March 04, 2007

Me. So. Tired.

Me. So. Tired.
Got to bed about 1 last night ... and after about 4 hours of interrupted sleep, got up at 5 for work ... Ugh. 5, as in 5 A.M. Finished work at 12:30, went to Big W and got a new DVD player since mine DIED last night and I'm not living without one, then had 5 minutes at home to shove in a sausage roll before I headed off to the cinema with Chrissie to watch the new Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore movie ... Music and Lyrics? Or something to do with songs? Anyway. Got there about 2 minutes before it started, so it was perfect timing :o)
The movie was ok, pretty funny, but verrrry predictable *lol* I did enjoy it though. But oh-my-god, Hugh Grant is looking old! He plays an "old" pop star in the movie, so I'm not sure if they gave him more wrinkles or what, but I guess he is in his (late?) 40's so you'd expect him to have a few ... Just not that many! :-P
Got home from the movies a bit after 3, and was going to have my usual Sunday arvo sleep, but didn't get around to it. Ended up folding up & putting all my washing away, cleaning out the birdies cage, making my bed, and tidying up the lounge. Also plugged the new DVD player in. So I've been a bit busy. Think I might go have a chill on the couch for a while and do some reading. I think I'll be in bed waaaay early tonight though :o)
Anyway. I was going to add some more stuff to this page today, but, quite frankly, I can't be stuffed. (*Oh yeah, I'm as Aussie as they come!*) So I might take off and chuck a prawn on the barbie and have a VB. See ya later, Mate ;o) !

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