Tuesday, March 06, 2007

unable to trust

unable to trust

you showed me unconditional love
but still i tested the waters
i could not trust
until i knew you would not hurt

you comforted me in times of trouble
but still i questioned the motives
i could not accept
until i knew they were nothing but pure

you were there when nothing made sense
but still i wouldnt let you near
i could not lose control
until i knew i could trust you to order my world

you confronted me when i erred
but still i felt threatened
i could not feel safe
until i knew the confrontation was love

you cared for me no matter what
but still i felt alone
i could not let you care
until i knew exactly what i feared

you smiled and encouraged me
but still i hid
i could not let it be
until i knew that it was real

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