Friday, March 23, 2007

The one where I mumble under my breath *A LOT*

No nap today. Which is actually kinda suprising, since I got about 3 hours sleep last night. Actually, I don't think it was even that much.
And now I'm in a shitty mood (not depressed/sad/down ... shitty. Pissed off.) and I don't know why. It might have something to do with my mum, and the grilling I got before. God. She's had no idea what's been going on in my life up until this point, and *now* she wants to know everything? *Now*, when I need a bit of space to get my head together, she wants to question everything and check my every move? *Now*? What's with that?
My new MP3 player arrived today, and I've spent (no joke) almost 7 hours trying to get songs onto it. 6 hours and 45 minutes of that I've been swearing under my breath at the *stupid-utter-crappy-piece-of-garbage-oh-my-god-ipods-really-are-the-best-what-was-i-thinking-this-is-shitty-and-a-total-rip-off*. I don't really care if that sentence doesn't make sense, by the way (and no, I wasn't kidding when I said I was in a shitty mood, can you tell? :o)) Finally, finally, after hours surfing the net and downloading conversion programs, I figured out how to do it at 5:30 this afternoon (my MP3 player arrived at 9 am ... I've been trying since about 9:15) but it's a slow process, and I've been going for almost 2 hours and I think I've converted and successfully onto the MP3 player about ... 40 songs. Yeah. Only another 200 to go!
Not much other news from here. Got a bit more ebay money in today. Some of it went into my pay-pal account, so now I have to wait until it goes into my bank account and clears, which will be the middle of next week, but ahh well. What can you do?
Anyway. Tonight, while my songs convert and toddle themselves over onto the MP3 player, I'm on a mission to clean my entire house. It's fairly neat, but there are some messes that could do with a little organising. My bed hasn't been made all week. I've got a few dishes to wash, and I want to mop the kitchen floor. I want to move the printer from the middle of the spare-room floor where it's currently sitting (yeah ... sad, but true) and into my room so I don't have to go get it every time I need to print something. And I want to clean off my kitchen table, since a whole lotta crap seems to have gathered there :o) And it's Friday night soooo ... *NRL night!* :o) Anyway, I'm out. Have a great night.

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