Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Read all about it ...

Firstly, I will be signing autographs tomorrow at 9 ... Bring your own pen, I'm waaaaay to important to have to worry about finding a pen ... :-P *lol*
Yesterday morning, I slept in. Well, that's not technically true. I was awake ... I just couldn't be bothered dragging my lazy arse out of bed, so by time I got out, I was running way late. So, I only had 5 minutes to do my hair, and I ended up chucking it up in a messy ponytail. Get to work, and Julie (our cleaner) says to me, "Are you ready for the cameras darl?"
Turns out the centre is turning one soon, and Nick (the owner) had organised for people to come and film a tv ad. Oh, great! We got in groups, and sang happy birthday ... It took us 3 goes to get it right! Funny as!

We're well into this 275-day journey, in fact, we're almost at the end of it! Only about 15 more days until my niece arrives into the world. Amanda is doing well, still yapping away ... I swear she never shuts up!

I have the weekend off work. God, I'm so excited! *lol* (Although, after Thursday, I might not actually have a job ... Trying not to freak out about that.) Christine's birthday is on Saturday, so we're hanging out, having lunch, maybe going bowling or something like that. Sunday, I've arranged to head over to _____ for the day, and go on a ______ (The blanks will be filled in after the weekend :-)). I've never actually driven to _____, so I was thinking of taking a drive over there tonight after work, or tomorrow afternoon, since I have tomorrow off work. It's only about an hour either way, so that's not too far away. I think we'll have a nice weekend.

Work is ok. Like I said, I'm not sure how much longer I'll have a job - there's a lot of stuff going on and I'm trying not to worry too much. Whatever happens, happens. Getting all stressed out isn't going to do anything. We've had a quiet couple of days, hopefully today is busier. I'm on my 7th day straight, I'm so looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

Only 2 months, (just a tad under two months, actually) until that jolly fat man pays us a visit ... Have you been naughty or nice?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Everyone wants
From me
Of me

To be happy
To be perfect
To do something for them
To fix things

And here's me
Just bumbling along
Trying, trying
To do it all

To balance
To handle everything
To change
To be me

P.S. News from today ...
* Only about 20 days until my new little niece enters the world :-) Can't wait.
* Work was quiet. Bendigo Show is on, so the whole centre was dead.
* Chris (the cafe chef) got offended when Felicity called him gay ... Even though he is ... Uhh, ok!
* Am still a bit bummed from Wednesday :-S
* Ran into someone I used to work with at Safeway ... What's that saying - the more things change, the more they stay the same? That's so true for Safeway. Sounds like some things have changed, but most have not.
* Called my mum after work ... Lorri hasn't changed her mind :-( We still don't know what's going on with her. I just want to see my nephew, be part of his life ...
* Why the 'poem' at the top? Don't know, was just thinking :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


This song used to shit me up the wall :-) I hated it. But for some reason, it's growing on me, and now I think it's kinda cool ...

You have my heart

And we'll never be worlds apart

May be in magazines

But you'll still be my star

Baby cause in the dark

You can't see shiny cars

And that's when you need me there

With you I'll always share



When there's sunshine, we'll shine together

Told you I'll be here forever

Said I'll always be a friend

Took an oath

I'ma stick it out till the end

Now that it's raining more than ever

Know that we'll still have each other

You can stand under my umbrella

You can stand under my umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh)

Under my umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh)

Under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh)

Under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh )

These fancy things, will never come in between

You're part of my entity, here for Infinity

When the war has took it's part

When the world has dealt it's cards

If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart



When there's sunshine, we'll shine together

Told you I'll be here forever

Said I'll always be a friend

Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end

Now that it's raining more than ever

Know that we'll still have each other

You can stand under my umbrella

You can stand under my umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh)

Under my umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh)

Under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh)

Under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh )

You can run into my arms

It's okay don't be alarmed

Come into me

There's no distance in between our love

So go on and let the rain pour

I'll be all you need and more


[Chorus:]When there's sunshine, we'll shine together

Told you I'll be here forever

Said I'll always be a friend

Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end

Now that it's raining more than ever

Know that we'll still have each other

You can stand under my umbrella

You can stand under my umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh)

Under my umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh)

Under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh)

Under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh )

It's raining

Ooh baby it's raining

Baby come into me

Come into me

It's raining

Oh baby it's raining

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I wish ... That things were different.

Of course I wish things were different ...

But there's no point being bitter about it.

Sad? Hell yeah.

Bitter? Nope.

Just really sad.

Guess it figures ... Usually I don't care. And it never worries me - it turns into something or it doesn't. Doesn't really bother me either way. But the one time I actually do care, the one time I'd like something to happen ...

Oh well.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You know what really pisses me off?

When there is *clearly* something bothering someone, and yet ... They. Won't. Say. What. The. Freakin. Problem. Is.


Do not insult my intelligence. I know there's something wrong. Tell me what the hell is wrong, and maybe I can help. Maybe whatever is wrong can be fixed. Tell me what the hell is wrong, so we can deal with it, and get over it.

I'm saying this because there's something in particular that's bothering me. I *know* that there's something going on with L____. And I think I have a pretty good idea what that something is. And I know why she's avoiding us - because she's worried about our reaction to that something. I just don't get why the hell she won't be straight with us, and tell us what is going on ... What's the worst that could happen? We could support her? We could try to help? We could stand behind her, like we have done for the last four years? Wow, wouldn't that be terrible.

I don't know.


On a not-totally-unrelated-note, I got home yesterday to find a voicemail message from my brother. At first, I thought he was drunk. But no, he was actually calling to see if I'd be at his birthday dinner. He turns 21 this year.

I don't know what to think. I don't know what to do.

I can just see myself going to the dinner, and throwing something at him, or starting a massive fight by saying something I shouldn't ...

I know that I'll disappoint my mum and my sister if I don't go, and I'll look like a total bitch to his new girlfriend, but can I tell you something? I don't really care.

(On a side note, I think my dad's with me on this one here. I told my mother that I wasn't going to have anything to do with Darren until he changed and my dad said "Good for you, I think thats fair enough". Go Brian!)

I've had 2 lectures since last night on how I *have* to go, and how I *should just let it go* and yada yada yada. Again ... Don't really care.

Ok, I'm out :-)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Open Letters.

Dear Mr J.B.

Oh, you've done it now.

Haven't you done it now, buddy.

There's a couple of things you should know about me, J.B. I love my Collingwood. I love to laugh. I hate Tom Cruise. And I hate it when people lie to my friends.

(Well, to me as well, but I can take care of myself.)

And guess what you did?

Lied to one of my friends.

Not only that, but you lied to my Steeny.

For months.

About ... Oh, pretty much everything, it turns out.

Oh, you've done it now.

Go to bed tonight J.B., and pray that you never run into me again. Because, although I have never so much as laid a finger on another human being in my life, I would kick. Your. Arse. It wouldn't be pretty, or co-ordinated, (I have a realistic view of my skills - I'm pretty much a idiot, and I'd look like one, with my arms flying everywhere) but I would do it.

Don't treat my Steeny that way. Don't ever treat my jellybean that way.

Got it?

Yours sincerely,
Arse-kicking Rach.


Dear Sir,

I just wanted to take this opporunity to say thank you.

I know, working in customer service/hospitality, that it's my job to serve you. To make any drink or any food that you may require. You pay for this service. Service that I usually provide with a smile, because hey, it's my job, and (most of the time) I enjoy it.

But this morning, when I was busy doing something, you oh-so-kindly grunted to get my attention. Thanks for that. Because, god knows, you'd only been standing there for about 3 seconds, and you're clearly such an important person that you just didn't have the time to wait.

So thank you, for grunting and letting me know you were there.

And then? When I'd acknowledged your presence, with a 'Hi, how are you today" and a smile, thanks ever-so-much for speaking to me without even looking at me, and only saying "Latte". Because, yep, clearly that gives me all the information I need to serve you well. Oh, and a special thank you for speaking to me like I'm some kind of fuckwit. That was just terrific and very much appreciated!

Finally, I wish to say thank you for literally throwing the money at me. If it had been a note, I wouldn't have minded. But throwing coins all over my bench, and my floor, was lovely of you.

Thanks ever-so-much for making my day.

P.S. To Mr. Grunt's wife - What the hell are you thinking? You actually seemed quite nice. Dude. You could do so much better. Leave the fucker!


Dear New Zealand Rugby League - players, coaches, supporters, etc.

Boy, are you guys in trouble!

What was it, a 58 - 0 thrashing by the Aussies today?!

Wow ... Maybe you should do something about that. Just a bit of helpful advice, ya know :-)

Have a great day!
A Rugby fan!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So, I'm sitting here, almost in tears, because something I never thought would happen ... Happened.

My brother's ex-girlfriend has moved on. No longer does she want anything to do with our family. Doesn't want to see us, doesn't want to speak to us, doesn't want us as a part of her life.

And, of course ... No longer will we be a part of Jordyn's life.

I won't get to see my little man grow up. I won't get to be a part of his life as he gets older.

I love that kid more than anything in this world. I want nothing but the best for that kid. He rocks. He's funny and smart and such a little cutie. I want to see him grow up. I want to see him as he discovers the world. I want to be there, be a part of his life. I want to spoil him for no reason at all, and visit him. I want to hang out with him, and teach him *cool* stuff.

Please say this isn't forever. God, I hope, I hope, I hope Lorri changes her mind.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life's little mysteries ...

Ya know what I don't understand?

How someone, who lives alone, wears a work uniform 5 days a week, 9 hours a day, and doesn't really have that many clothes, can manage to accrue so much dirty washing. It's mystifying. I did two full loads of washing today - so full my machine stopped halfway through the second load because it was too full ... Oops.

Maybe I need to wash more often? I only say this because this morning I went to get a clean pair of socks, and I had two pairs left in my drawer. Now, I'm a big sock person. Stripey, nice and coloured, I love me a cool, cute pair of socks. After I washed, I had 15 pairs of socks on the line. FIFTEEN! Dude. Same with my underwear. After I washed, I had something like 12 on the line!

But really, when you think about it, I generally wash once a week. I don't really need to do anymore than that - I live alone for cryin' out loud! There's not a lot of towels, or bedding to wash. Most of my days are spent in my work uniform, and when I get home, I change straight into my p.j.'s! I pretty much live in them when I'm home. I'm strictly a comfort-dress kinda girl, and my jammies are comfortable :-)

Anyway, I better go fold some washing ...

"To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path and not worry about the darkness for that is when stars shine the brightest"

-Author Unknown

LilypieExpecting a baby Ticker

2:53 a.m.

2:53 a.m. ... And I'm awake :-)

Woke up at 1:30, and haven't been able to get back to sleep!

Not much going on here ... I can't believe it's been a whole week since I blogged.

I went to Melbourne on Sunday night after work ... It was fun :-) Then I got home Monday morning and slept all afternoon! I worked yesterday and I have today off. Not sure what I'm going to do all day ... Probably just clean my house and chill for a while.

I really don't have much to say ... And I'm so tired I can barely freaking think ... :-) I just felt like doing an entry. It was bugging me that I hadn't blogged since last Sunday!

We've been having some fun times at work ... People stealing our fruit, turning off our fridges, ice machine, etc ... It all stepped up a notch on Friday morning when I got to work to discover that someone had turned off our freezer during the night, and over $1500 worth of gelati was destroyed ... So, we decided that we'd simply move all the gelati from the display freezer into the big storeroom freezer every night ... Until I got to work on Sunday morning, went out to get the gelati and discovered that someone had turned off the big freezer. My first thought? 'You've got to be freaking kidding me!'

So, yeah. Someone has gone from a few 'pranks' to causing real damage. We thought that we'd saved the gelati in the storeroom freezer, but that was also ruined - about $4000+ worth of gelati that we had to just throw out. Anyway, today Heather, Tony and Nick sat down and went through the security footage, and have found vision of 4 guys and 1 girl, entering the market centre on Thursday night about 10:30 p.m., and a couple of shots from Saturday night, at 1:30 a.m. - with the same group of people. Unfortunately, Saturday night they avoided most of the cameras, but we do know that it took them only 4 minutes to get out the back of the market centre, turn our freezer off, then leave.

I'm a bit down tonight :-S I don't know why.

I'm watching some very badly acted show on Channel 9 ... Looks like it's from about 1960.

Anyway, I might go ... I can't stop yawning. Goodnight guys.