Thursday, June 28, 2007

Random mutterings #2

Yada, yada ... It's late, can't sleep, am exhausted, eyes are barely open ... Yada, yada ... :o)
I don't know why, but the sleep thing hasn't been happening for me lately. Ahh well.
So I figured I'd blog, get some stuff out of my head and written down, see if that helps ... Here goes ...

1) Leanne's home! Arrived back in Australia yesterday morning. After a slight hiccup with customs, (thanks to my aunty having an "recycled elephant dung" (Leanne's exact words) photo frame in her bag) they were on the road from Melbourne by 11 yesterday morning. I missed her in Bendigo because I was at the cafe, doing a trial shift, but I got home to some nice presents :o) I scored a gorgeous dolphin bracelet, 2 photo frames, 2 magnets, a beautiful elephant letter holder (that I actually thought was just a wall hanging ...) and some Thai Bahts (the Thai currency). Didn't talk to mum last night, but she rang tonight and we had a good ol' chat, she said she had an awesome time, and would go back again. She rode an elephant, went to Dreamworld, got all "templed" out, ate lots of the local food, and got heaps of stuff for everyone.

2) The Cafe job: Don't know whether I've got it or not. Had the trial thing yesterday, and really enjoyed it. I guess all I can do now is think positive thoughts! :o) Probably won't hear anything until Saturday at the earliest. Fingers crossed ...!

3) Ryan's naming day. I have to make a speech. But here's the thing ... I don't do speeches. The thought of everyone looking at me, listening to what I have to say ... Makes my tummy go all "butterfly-ie" and my face goes all red. Just thinking about giving a speech makes those things happen! What am I meant to say?! Being godmother is a huge honour, and I'm touched that Ang and Vince asked me, so I don't want to let them down, but .... *arggggh* !!!! It's not the writing of the speech I'm worried about, I'm sure I can find the perfect words, it's the saying of those words in front of ... you know, people ... that worries me! Hmm ... How do I start? "I'm honoured to be here to celebrate Ryan's naming day with him, and you, today?" I'm happy to be here? I'm thrilled to be here? I'm glad I'm here because I'm really looking foward to the lunch afterwards? I also have to write a wish for Ryan, which I think will go something like: My wish for Ryan is that his life will be full of dreams, full of love, full of mistakes to learn from, full of laughter and full of happiness. Is that too cheesy? Should I just put "My wish for Ryan is that he's a cool dude"? I'm not sure. Might put some more thought into this tomorrow when I can think a little more clearly. Ang and Chrissie and I are meeting for lunch tomorrow (oops, today) so I'll see what Ang has to say about all this.

4) The Meme things: A few people have emailed privately, asking if they can "borrow" them - Of course!!! :o) I think that's the idea - to have people put them on their own blog/space/home page, so you get to know them a little better. If I find any more, I'll put them up here.

5) Yes, I will put My Crazy Roommate/Dan Renzi/Post Secret/Not quite what I had planned/Blogthings etc in a link list at the side of the page for you soon, Meg! :o) There are a heap more random sites I've found which are hilarious, as well as blogs I visit daily. I'm getting around to it, I promise. Also, I'll be updating the CaringBridge links soon, and will ** the kids who are no longer with us, so you don't get an unexpected (and sad) suprise when you go visit them (Ooops ... Sorry, B!) And yeah, if you email me with a question, check on here for a response, I'm sucky at replying to emails, so I do it all on here :o)

6) I think I'm outta things to say ... It's nearly 1 am, and I have to be up at 7, so I think I might see if I can sleep now.

7) * G * O * O * D * N * I * G * H * T * ! *

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rachie -
Promise this time I'll bookmark you, so I don't have to send *ahem* a third email asking for your blogspot addy ...
Have a great day, msg me next time you're going out for dinner. We can laugh at people with n-n's together!