Monday, June 11, 2007

Random mutterings ...

I can't seem to shake this cold. I've had it almost a week. Isn't it time to pass it on?!
Mum will almost be in Thailand, another 20 or so minutes and they'll arrive. Bet she'll sleep well tonight, she was up at 5 this morning!
I was reading Harry Potter before, and I can't help but be amazed at J.K. Rowling and her writing. What is it about Harry and his mates that appeal to so many people? The books are read by so many different kinds of people. What an awesome writer she is, to be able to compel so many to read! I wish I knew *why* J.K. seems to have captured everyone's imagination.
So I've finished Harry for about the 40th time, (how long until the next one comes out?!) and I'm now starting ...? I'm not sure of the title *lol* The book about the dog named Lava that the US soliders found while they were over in Iraq serving their country. They managed to get the puppy back into the States. It's meant to be an excellent read. At the moment I'm just reading anything, I'm waiting for the new Stephanie Plum to hit the shelves in 8 days! Lean Mean Thirteen, the latest in the series from Janet Evanovich is released next Monday. I can't wait! I love the Plum Series, Steph, Joe, Ranger, Grandma, Lula, Tank, Connie, Vinnie and Rex never disappoint :o)
Going to Melbourne on Thursday with my dad ... That'll be a long day.
Not doing much tomorrow ... Have to go to Centrelink, put in some job applications. Want to do another cleanout of my house ... I always feel like I have too much crap, like I'm not organised enough ...
Also need to defrost my freezer ... Do I know how to have a good time or what?!
Gus is well. Friggin mental, but well. He likes to sit at the bottom of his tank, which doesn't exactly please me, as it makes me think **Dead Fish! Damn, I killed him!** Then he'll shoot to the top of the tank with amazing speed, and go nuts for 5 minutes before settling back on the bottom ...
I just realised I have 4 birds running around on the loungeroom floor :o) I let them out a while ago, and then came in here, forgetting them!
... Yes, I'm a responsible pet owner, can't you tell?! ...
New site for you all to check out ... - it is hilarious :o)
PostSecret has some great secrets up this week. :o) Check 'em out.

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