Wednesday, June 27, 2007

*Meme* #2 :o)

I AM: Often what people think I'm not. Calm, happy, quiet, panicked, easy going, sad, angry, loud, relaxed ...

I WANT: Happiness. And lots more laughter in my life :o) You can never have too much.

I WISH: That there could be no pain in the world. And that I could sleep properly :o)

I HATE: People who judge others. Tom Cruise. People who lie. People who have no compassion. People who don't stop and think before they speak. Door-to-door religious people - I have no problems with people having a religion, but please don't come to my door and shove it down my throat. And I hate that I can't say go away to them! People who hurt others. Anger. Telstra. Vegetables. People who don't leave voicemail messages! When you lose something really important and you need it *right now*. When you run out of hot water half way through conditioning your hair. This could go forever ...

I MISS: When things were simpler, easier. When people meant what they said, and said what they meant.

A banging sound. I think it's because of the wind. And 'Long Way', by Pink because I'm currently listening to it on my MP3 player.

I WONDER: Where I'll be in 10 years? 15 years? The unknown is pretty damn scary, but also pretty damn awesome.

I REGRET: Not taking more chances. Not being honest with those who I care most about because I was so worried what they might-maybe-possibly think about me. Who cares? They love me. They wouldn't care!

I AM NOT: Warm, right now. Actually, I'm freezing!

I DANCE: Constantly. I live alone, who's going to see me?!

I SING: Constantly. Again, I live alone. Who's going to see me?! What do I care if the neighbours hear me?!

I CRY: Occasionally. Only when I'm alone though. Or when I'm really, really tired I get waaay to emotional and will cry at anything!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: A morning person. Sometimes it takes me an hour or two to talk in the morning!

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Food. (what the ... ?? what kind of question is that?)

I WRITE: Lots. Poems, general crap, letters to friends lost, my blog. I write a lot, actually.

I CONFUSE: everyone :o)

I NEED: Not much actually. There's a lot I want, but everything I *need* I have. I do kinda need a job, though :o)

I SHOULD: Start paying my bills on time. Have more sex.

I START: Housework every couple of days, then get bored and give up.

I FINISH:95% of books I start. Usually within a couple of days.

P.S. Check out this post on Dan's site - ... Pretty funny! :o) And ... true!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so stealing this for my myspace!

Love ya Turtle!