Saturday, June 23, 2007

The one where I really don't have much to say :o)

Ahh. Saturday night. Football night.
Collingwood are playing Sydney tonight, I can hear the tv, so I'm not missing anything by being in my bedroom, typing this :o)
Pies are winning ... Go Pies!
The interview went well. I have a trial shift on Tuesday, from 12 - 2, to see how I go, whether I like the job, whether the lady in charge likes me :o) Let's hope it goes well.
Not much news from here. I got home from the interview and fell asleep on the couch about 3, since I didn't sleep much last night (forgive me, Father, for I have sinned ... With a *gasp* Carlton fan! ;o) ...! (No, I'm not in any way religious ... The Carlton fan is the bit that gets me :-P)). Woke at 6, and I'm still pretty exhausted ... Think I'll watch the footy then have an early night.
Anyway. Have a great night guys!

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Robb said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, and I of course have to return the favor. You are my first Australian visitor, although hopefully not the last. I visited Sydney the first time in 1998, and then came back a few years later on a backpacking trip and spend another three months traveling from Sydney to Darwin. Let's just say, I love your country! From Mardi Gras in Sydney to camping in the Outback tp picking peaches in Wagga Wagga, I loved every minute. I'm just starting a new job as a nurse, but in a couple of years when I'm comfortable with it, I have every intention of getting a work visa to come back to Oz. Can't wait!

Anyway, good luck on your job hunt, I know how stressful that can be. Cheers...