Saturday, June 30, 2007

Long way to happiness ...

That about sums everything up at the moment.
Not happy, not sad. Just ... Eh.
Had an ok day, I guess. Had a job interview this morning. It was at a cafe. So, naturally, I thought it was for the cafe. (Because I'd sent the application to the cafe) Uhhh ... No. The couple interviewing were looking for people to become personal assistants for wealthy families ... Eh?? What the?? Sort of a nanny thing? A cleaner for said wealthy families? Buggered if I know.
The interview was three pages of questions, which were often the same questions asked in slightly different ways ... So I simply repeated my answers in slightly different ways.
I don't know what it was, but there was something ... Weird? Off? Odd? Downright creepy? about the couple doing the interviewing. The whole thing was just ... bizzare, really.
I havent yet heard anything about the other job (the trial at the actual cafe). I hope I get it and I never have to see creepy people again ...
Spent the rest of the morning tidying the house ... Did some grocery shopping ... Came home and made lasange ... yum ... and now I'm just bummin :o)
For some reason, several of my fave sites are down tonight, which is a pain in the ass. I have nothing to do! *lmao*
I know, I know, I still havent updated the links ... Sorry, Meg. Might go do that after I finish this entry ... Actually, I might do that now. Peace out.

Edit @ 7:43 p.m: Links have been updated. Blogs that I like, such as Dan/My Crazy Roommate/Kristie/Post secret etc are under Random Links (along with some other stuff!). Want something added? Email me. Caringbridge Kids have also been updated, The kids at the top of the list are now angels, the ** shows that (e.g. *Catie*, *Hannah*, *Blair*, *Matty* etc.).

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Anonymous said...

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woman, you made me the happiest lil chickie in the world!!!!!!!

Call me sometime. We can goss.