Monday, June 11, 2007

Do you think?

I'll add a new post to bump down my little Paris Hilton *rant* :o) I've never blogged about any celebrity, or anything similar to that before, but that silly twit is unbelievable! I was wondering last night ... I wonder how often she watches the news? I wonder if she has any idea what goes on in the real world? Hmm.
Anyway. On to other things! Am getting ready to go back to bed soon :o) I've been up since 5 a.m., mum arrived last night to spend the night here before heading to Melbourne first thing this morning. I put mum in my bed and I slept on the couch, and mum came into the lounge at 5, saying that she couldn't find the alarm clock, and she didn't know what time it was *lol* :o) The alarm wasn't actually set to go off until 6 a.m., so she was up a full hour before she had to be! So we sat down and watch Sunrise, caught up on the news and gossip, then mum had a shower and breakfast, and then we went back to sitting and waiting. Pam and Vern (my aunty and uncle, who are going with mum) were here at 7 to pick mum up. They should nearly be at the airport. Their planes leaves at 1, and they get in at 7 p.m. Australian time, which is 10 p.m. Bangkok time. Thailand is 3 hours ahead of Australia.
So hopefully they have an awesome time while they are away. After the last 5 or 6 months, I think mum honestly deserves a relaxing, long break without having to deal with all the family stuff every day :o) I hope she's able to chill and not worry for the 2 weeks away.
Haven't done a CaringBridge wrap-up for a while ... Hunter has a birthday coming up! The *big* 5! It's a little sad when you realise that this gorgeous little girl has been on chemo for over half her life. Let's hope she can kick cancers ass once and for all and leave it behind :o) Matty's mum is still missing her little hero. This weekend, Sandra is walking in memory of her little man. Rachel's family are currently making plans for her funeral ... Thoughts are with them. Elizabeth is doing much better this week, great news! Anna Jane is having good and bad days ... Thoughts are with her family, praying for more good days. Hannah's mum continues to show the beautiful soul that she has, with eloquent posts. Kayla has some time off chemo to have some *fun!* at Camp Rainbow. Lillie found the last week of chemo a little bit easier - go Lillie! :o) Don't forget Krystie, who's recently had a stem cell transplant, Skylar-Jade, who is home on hospice, and Abel, who's looking to his next round of chemo which starts this week.
Of course, that's not even close to all the CB kids that are out there :o) Look to the right --> for a list of links. Hopefully I'll be able to update it in the next couple of days, as I do have a few more links to add.
Anyway, it might be time to take off and head to bed :o) 3 hours sleep on the couch wasn't quite enough for me :-P I'm still trying to shake this stupid cold, I think sleep will make it magically disappear :o)

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