Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still a bit *funky*

No entry yesterday. That's because I went to pick up my copy of Lean Mean Thirteen (which, thank god, I had the sense to pre-order and pay for months ago) and spent the day with my head in a book :o) Janet Evanovich never disappoints! The Stephanie Plum novels get better as she goes along.
Spent today on the couch, watching Season 3 of NCIS. After that *strenuous* (:-P) work, I had to take a nap, and slept away the rest of the afternoon :o) Geez, I tell you what, being unemployed is haaard work :-P *lol*
Seriously though, I'm not sure why, I just felt like a "lazy" day today. As soon as I got up, I knew I wouldn't be going anywhere today, so I didn't even bother to do my hair! So tonight I've got a mess of curls on my head (yes, I have naturally curly hair - who woulda guessed it, huh?! That's why I invested in a hair straightner!)
Got two more rejection letters today, employers that didn't want me, jobs I applied unsuccessfully for. I applied for 16 jobs on Monday ... Makes me wonder how long I'll have to wait before they too reject me.
I'm just full of happy beans tonight, aren't I?!
Ahh well.
Rang mum in Thailand last night! It was great to hear her voice. Only spoke for a minute though, as I was worried about the phone bill (calling a *mobile* phone in *Thailand*?!?! *lol* That will *COST!*) She said yesterday wasn't much fun - she was sick all day. The local food is catching up with her, she thinks. She said it's been "bloody hot" - 36/37 degrees every day. They went on an elephant trek the other day, which she said was great. Today they were going on a 10 hour tour to "somewhere" (Good to know mum knows exactly where she'll be :-P) and on Thursday and Friday they were going to a zoo and Dreamworld. Sounds like she's having a terrific time, which she deserves.
Christine took me out for dinner last night ... She arrived about 20 minutes after I'd eaten a late lunch ( at 5 o'clock) to say she wanted to go to La Porchetta! So we went anyway, and she helped me eat the small pizza I'd ordered :o) Was nice to get out for a while. And make fun of all the other people in the restaurant ... :-P
Anyway, might take off. My laptop is in my bedroom at the moment, and it is *freezing* in here! Will take off, back to the couch to watch some more NCIS. Have a great night, guys!

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