Thursday, August 23, 2007


I can't believe it's Thursday already. Where has the week gone?!

Went back to work yesterday ... Why oh why did I do stuff on my 2 days off?! Why didn't I just do nothing at all?! Why didn't I sleep in?! Why didn't I relax instead of constantly running around with mum?! Did 9 hour days yesterday and today, and it's been fairly busy. Doesn't help that Heather has no staff in the cafe, so she is *really* stressed out.

Went out for dinner last night with Christine. We went to La Porchetta. Tonight, Chrissie, B and I went to the UK Hotel. I had lasange, which was friggin yummy as!

I actually had something specific to blog about tonight, but I just realised that the thing I was going to blog about I don't want someone to read ... Hmm ... Ahh well.

Anyway, I'm out. So tired. I'm gonna head to bed ... I'm so boring!

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