Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's no retarded chicken ...

Just a quick entry to prove I'm still doing stupid things ... :o)

Yesterday was another 9 hour day. My 13th day in a row. Without a single-freakin-day off ...

No, I'm not upset about that, why do you ask? ... :o) *lol*

Anyway. Got home last night, talked to Dan for a while, and could barely keep my eyes open. So I decided to have a bath, then go to bed. Bath was hot, awesome, relaxing. Got out and went into the loungeroom to get my pjs. Instead of getting into them, I thought 'I'll just have a quick rest on the couch while my pjs warm in front of the heater'.

4 and a half hours later I woke up. Still on the couch. Still wearing only a towel.

Kitchen light still on. Heater still on. TV still on.

Yup, it's good to know that I haven't lost the ability to do stupid things, no matter how exhausted I am :o)

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