Monday, August 27, 2007

Meme # ... 5? 6?

This one is fairly simple. All I have to do is write 8 things about myself. Here goes ...
1. I prefer summer over winter. I'd rather be hot than cold. But I hate the fact that summer means not being able to breathe for 4 months because I get really bad hayfever every year.
2. I have never broken a bone (in my body or someone else's ... :-)).
3. I honestly don't know whether I want kids, but if I have a girl I'd love to name her Jennah, after my nan (it was her maiden name).
4. I know I want to go back to uni, I just don't know when.
5. I own three sex toys ...
6. Right now I have a burn mark on my left arm from work yesterday ... It hurts like hell.
7. I like my hair better when it's longer.
8. I would like to get a pet turtle. And a rabbit. The bunny I would name Buckley, (yes, as in Nathan) and the turtle would be named Snoop Turtle. Coz he would be soooo cool :-)

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