Thursday, August 02, 2007

Slightly tired?

I think I may be a little *too* tired.


Because, when I got home from work at 5, I tried and tried to light my heater.

It would not start. I walked away, left it for a few minutes. I came back and tried again. Nope, still doesn't want to start. This went on until 5:45.

Still no go.

So, what do I do? I start crying.

Yep, crying ... Because my stupid heater won't start!

Then what do I do?

I kick the friggin thing. Hard!

Not once, but twice.

Then I tried to light it again.

First go ... It started.


I think I'll be in bed early tonight ...

Edit - 10:55 p.m:
I really intended on having an early night. The last 4 nights, I've averaged about 4 hours sleep a night. And I am so frickin tired. I was messaging "Dan" at 9, and I thought then that I'd be in bed by about 9:15. I just had to do my dishes first. Then, god knows why, but then I thought I'd clean my toilet. And my bathroom. And then have a bath. And then strip my bed/change the sheets and doona cover. And then I just had to do a load of washing. So now I have a wonderfully clean house, and I can barely keep my eyes open :o) Lets hope this means that I sleep well tonight.
Peace. I'm out.

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