Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The most bizzare web chat ever?

It involved me. Tonight.

This guy, named Brett, started talking to me. He doesn't actually appear on my list, but apparently I'm on his.

Brett then tried to figure out where he knew me from:

are you the chick i fucked in the back of the hire car last week?

(Me: No)

now i know this is you lisa and u r stilled pissed off because i slept with your mum - as i said
when you found out - GET OVER IT - she and i are entitled to have our fun - and guess what - WE DID ANAL - your mum loved it lisa

Umm ... What the??? Someone call Jerry Springer ...

Am I the only one who thinks this is just bizzare??!

P.S. Just as I hit 'Publish Post', the phone rang. It was my new boss. I'm working tomorrow/Friday from 12 - 4. Dan, if you're serious about the massage, show up after 4 on Friday ;-) I'll make it worth your while ... hehehe.

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