Saturday, August 04, 2007


Tonight I'm feeling a little ... Blah. Funky. Quiet. Or, as Abs from NCIS would say ... "Hinky". (Just not quite right)

I started my new job on Thursday. I worked 12 - 4. Friday I did 11 - 3, and today was 10 - 2. It's not flat out busy, mostly it's just constant. (By the way - the gelato? Frickin amazing. I tried the passionfruit one today, and it was so nice. The chocolate one is also delicious.) I really like the job, it's lots of fun, and Heather (the manager) and Casey (workmate) are both really nice. I'm getting the hang of it fairly quickly, which is good.

Tomorrow I'm not starting until 12, so I'll get a bit of a sleep in. I think tomorrow I'm only doing three hours.

I don't know. Collingwood won today, so you'd think I'd be happy, right? Instead I'm just kinda quiet ...
Ahh well. Maybe I'll write more later. Peace, and I'm out.

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