Saturday, August 11, 2007

Not Happy.

Hi guys ... Quick update.

So, a couple of weeks ago, you'll remember me grumbling about a 4:30 a.m. phone call. Someone was drunk, and wanted to chat. Now, I know I had a bit of a grumble, but the truth is, I wasn't annoyed at all. It didn't bother me. Plus, it was friggin hilarious. I laughed from start to finish - with the drunk person, and, once or twice, at them. Anything that can make me laugh that much can never be classified as annoying.

I've worked the last 8 days straight. Not full days - mainly 6 or 7 hours a day. But because we have no staff, I usually get only 5 minutes for lunch. So I'm on my feet the entire time, which is pretty exhausting. Love the job, but very tiring. I've been in bed by about 10 every night this week.

Last night, Chrissie came around after I got in from work. She had been to Hammer St. (best takeaway place in Bendigo) to get dinner for us. We watched some Friends, she left about 9. By the time I'd done a load of washing, and had a bath, it was 10 and I was well and truly stuffed :o) So I went to bed. Almost two hours later (just a little before midnight), my phone started to sing 'Dear Mr President' (my message tone). It took me almost 5 minutes of looking at the screen to realise that yep, someone had sent me a message. It took me another 5 minutes to work out who the hell had sent the message ... It was from someone I rarely hear from, and I was looking at the screen going ... "Who the hell is ***?" In the meantime, I sent someone else a message - for some reason I thought that "Dan" had sent the message ... Ok, in my defense there are only three letters in each name and I was really confused! I'd just been woken up!

So, *** sent a few messages - What's up, I'm bored and sick, come online now and talk to me ... What are you doing, what's new since I talked to ya last ... Come online now Rach, I want to talk to ya, I'm so bored ... And I have to say, everytime he sent a new message, I got angrier and angrier. My replies were one or two words - one was two sentences when I said I was now working, and I had to be up early to go to work.

Now, this really annoyed me for a couple of reasons.
1 - I haven't heard from this person in a couple of months. Nothin. No talkin online, no messages, nothin. And that's cool, you know? It's finished. All good :o) But you do not just text message someone, out of nowhere at 11:45 p.m.! I was ASLEEP, people!
2 - The whole reason he was messaging? He was horny. Classy, huh? Yep. Boy, did steam start coming out the top of my head ... For gods sake! He was horny, and obviously just wanted someone to help get him off. What the??!! I am not some kind of easy slut, who'll just "help" anyone who needs it.

Not. Happy.

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