Wednesday, August 08, 2007

There's nothing witty, intelligent, or funny in this entry ...

There's a birdie attacking my foot :o)

Just let the birds out of the cage for a run around, now they're going nuts, flying around the loungeroom.

Matt Damon? HOT! And he seems like such a nice guy!

Sorry ... Random thoughts are going everywhere. I'm tired ... It's hard to think. I couldn't even be stuffed cooking dinner tonight, so I got pizza :o) Ahh, I'm a lazyass.

Work is good. I'm enjoying it. Being on your feet for 5/6/7/8 hours a day, running back and forth is pretty tiring though. Plus, there's the fact that I haven't worked in about 4 months :-P So I'm a bit outta practice. It's not flat out, but it's fairly constant. I had passionfruit gelati for lunch :o) It was freakin delicious! And 97% fat free!! Hahaha ... We all know I care about stuff like that :-P I didn't even get to sit down and eat my lunch, people kept wanting stuff!

Isn't this sad? I have no gossip at all. Nothing of interest to say. I'm trying to think of something witty or funny to say ... And I got nothin!

Hey, anyone want to come clean my house?! It's in desperate need of a good clean! My bed hasn't been made all week! Might try to do some tonight. My sheets have been on the washing line since last weekend, and I finalllllly got them off tonight! So I might have to put some clean sheets on the bed tonight.

Might have to go have a bath soon, and head to bed. I'm starting at 10 tomorrow, so I'll have to be up fairly early to get organised and then get the bus, yada yada yada :o)

Anyway. That's about it. Sorry I'm so boring. Have a great night guys, I'm out. Peace, love, and laughter :o)

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