Friday, July 27, 2007

The Turtle is broke!

So, I just got back to the crib, after hangin with ma homey all day ... :o) *lol*

Got a nice surprise this morning when I rang up to check my bank balance - my tax refund has gone through, so I had lots and lots of money!

Sadly, 20 minutes later, three quarters of that money had gone. I paid some rent (because I've been a week behind for like the last 3 months and I keep getting "friendly reminders" from the real estate agency - aint nothing friendly about them, let me tell you!), paid my Telstra bill, my gas bill, my ambulance membership, and put some in my savings account. Out of $800, that left me about $200!!!!! I couldn't believe it! It was nice to know (for once!) that my bills were all paid though, and that I'm up to date on rent.

So, I decided some shopping was in order. Chrissie and I went out for lunch, then we both went and spent waaaaaay too much money, but ahh well! You gotta sometimes. I got three new tops, some new socks, a new pair of work shoes, and a couple of other things.

Anyway, that's about all I did today. Came home for a couple of hours and bummed around, then Chrissie picked me up again and we went and got some takeaway for dinner and watched a movie at her place. It was a good day.

And now, to finish off, a few snippets from my day:

Before, as Christine was driving me home, she nearly ran over some kid running across the road. I swear to god, he came from nowhere and she very nearly hit him. Christine's reaction? A blast of the horn and then ...
(I'm busy laughing at how angry she is!)
Christine: Fucking emo-looking skanky THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As we were eating dinner, I started choking on a bite of hamburger. Tears came out of one eye. How did I explain this to Christine?
Me: Dude! I'm choking out of one eye!

We went to La Porchetta for lunch. As we were waiting to be seated, we saw a girl from high school.
Christine: Hey, isn't that ... Shannon?
Me: Oh, yeah. Her dad was the school principle.
Christine: Yes!
Me: Wasn't she going out with Adrian?
Christine: Dude! Adrian was her brother!!!
Me: Wow. Hope they broke up then.

As I'm getting out of the car tonight, I said goodbye to Chrissie ...
Me: Check ya later, man.
Chrissie: Fo shizzle ma nizzle, man. (Yep, she really said it. She's a bigger dork than me! :o))

More proof (if you really needed it) that I'm the world's biggest idiot!

Ok, I'm out. Check ya later, dudes.

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