Wednesday, July 04, 2007

JST - Day 3 Highlights!

Barrie: Now, Rachel has raised a very interesting point ... Jury duty, and what happens if you get called up. You don't mind me discussing this with the group, do you Rachel?
Me: (busy day-dreaming about jumping suit boys bones [suit boy is HOT!]) Eh?
Barrie: Ok then ... Now, I myself have been called up for jury duty 6 times. Only 3 times was I selected to sit on the jury ... Once was a culpable driving case ... ... (Etc, etc, etc ... For 20 minutes. 20. Minutes.)

Long story short - No one knows whether I have to put jury duty or JST first. Or whether I can put jury duty down as some kind of work.


Craig: (who *always* sits next to me! damnit!) You know, it's fuckin John Howards fault that we're here. Him and that boat. If it hadn't been for the boat, he'd be gone. And did ya see the handshake? Ha! There's no unions anymore, all his fucking fault.
Me: Eh?


Geoff: Political correctness is bullshit (sticks middle finger up in the air, to prove the point)


Barrie: Now, I recall a young lady, who was paid to dress in a lycra suit and go around promoting PADMAN ... You have to be careful with lycra. There's not much that you can't see. I have a suspicion that she may have been an exhibitionist.
Me: {thinking} How the hell did we get onto this topic? And how exactly is this going to get me a job? Maybe I should stop tuning about. This is probably *really* important.
Craig: Wonder if the chick had big tits.

Ok, gotta go, Origin 3 is about to kick off. GO BLUES! Let's hope NSW win, that way it won't be a series whitewash.

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