Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands ...!

Happiest girl in the universe? Right here ... (Imagine me pointing at myself)
Why am I so happy?
I got a mention on Kristie's blog. Yep, that's Kristie of 'Not Quite What I Had Planned' fame.
Yep. How cool am I?! Hehehe.
I first "met" Kristie through her daughters CaringBridge website. Her daughter, Kendrie kicked cancer's arse a couple of years ago. Throughout the whole cancer journey, Kristie managed to keep her sense of humour, and her sense of perspective. Her entries on Kendrie's site were mostly funny, but some were so honest and open that they broke your heart a little when you read them. I don't think I've ever known someone so down-to-earth and friendly. And funny! It doesn't matter what the subject is, Kristie can always find something to laugh about.

Dude. I'm so happy :o) Ha!


Ok, now onto other things.

Massive clean-out time today in my house. And I do mean massive clean-out. Mum's having a garage sale, so I thought I'd use the opportunity to get rid of some stuff. My 200+ videos have been reduced to 60. My 150+ CDs? I have about 30 left. Three containers of stuff that was in my wardrobe? Been reduced to one container. I went through old photos, old papers, books, uni essays, rental agreements from two years ago, payslips from three years ago. I found a bill from three and a half years ago! I found crap I don't even remember buying. My hairdryer went. My hair curling kit. (I'm not sure why I bought that - my hair is naturally curly ...?!!) Anything that couldn't be sold went straight into the bin. Still haven't finished, but I'm getting sick of it, so I figured I'd take a break.


Did anyone watch Australian Story on Monday night? Monday night featured the story of Belinda Emmett, a beautiful Australian actress who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24. She went into remission, only to be told at age 27 that the cancer had spread to her bones.

It was the most beautiful, and also the most heartbreaking thing, I've ever watched. I cried as her family described her last days. I smiled as Belinda showed that she hadn't lost her sense of humour.

I don't know why Australians loved this girl so much. I think it had something to do with the fact that she was honestly a beautiful, amazing person inside and out. She never seemed to give up. She had *it*. She just had that something, that something that made her so special.

Belinda lost her battle on November 11, 2006. So many tears were cried on that day for this amazing, graceful and strong young woman.

(*By the way, if you missed it on tv, it is on You-Tube. It's under Belinda Emmett on Australian Story or something similar to that. It's in three parts. It's well worth watching.)


So, I have a problem. A big one.
It concerns me greatly. It worries me. It makes me concerned and it worries me.
This morning, I woke up, and got out of bed. Nothing unusual there, that's actually something that I do on a daily basis.
But when I got up, I realised that somehow, during the night, I'd pulled a muscle. At the back of my thigh, just under my left butt cheek (Classy, huh? Yep. That's me. Full of class and decorum and all that other crap!).
Now, this has happened before. I've woken up from a great nights sleep, and gotten out of bed to discover that walking hurts! It really hurts! And I don't know how it happens. Or why. Or **how**!!! What the hell am I doing when I'm in bed?! Last night, I was in bed alone! I'm starting to think I'm doing kung-fu or something in my sleep.
Any ideas? Suggestions?


Anyway. My bedroom is currently a pigsty (sad but true) so I better get back to it. Have a good one, guys!

Hey! Update! Heather (from the cafe) just rang. I start work next Thursday! Yay!

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