Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blast from the past

The massive clean out continues. This morning, I found a book of old, old, old poems that I'd written. How old? Most of them are from 2002/2003. Anyway, I thought I'd put some on here.


Abbey is your angel

she watches over you from way up high

if you should ever need her

just look up to the sky.

god lent her to earth for just a little while

gave her love family, special friends

her mission? to brighten the world with her smile

but all too soon her time on earth had to end

god looked down from heaven for a special someone

he spotted Abb and said

"your work on earth is now done"

so back to heaven our Abbey was led.

i know you will always miss her so much

but remember in your heart she will forever stay

and when you long for her touch

remember you will be together again one day.


how do you show

what a photo cannot?

his laughing eyes

that beautiful smile

and gorgeous dark hair

they're all there

but what can't you see?

that cheeky laugh

and drive-you-crazy sense of humour

the long talks

the drinking and partying

we did

the way he was always there -

his friendship

and of course

that lightening quick temper!

how do you show

what a photo cannot?


don't know where im going

can't remember

where i've been

my life is taking me

along a winding path

with twists and turns

forks in the road

this way or that way?

it's easy to get



trying so hard

to find my way

but every time

i think i know where im going

i get lost once again

and once more


don't know where i'm going


can't remember

where i've been


Hey Mel

it's just me

checkin in again

saying hey mate

and "go pies"


saw a star tonight

shinin so damn bright

from the heavens

knew it was


waving down to me

it's been

almost two whole years

(and a million bloody tears!)

since you went away


do i really need to

tell you again

how very



much i miss you??!!

if only

miracles happened

wishes came true

and every other cliche in the book

"hey mate, what's news?"

well, tegans doing well

got her license a few weeks ago

your dad

bought her a car

she loves it!

your mum

still working


you only have

to look at her

to see how much

she misses you

it's written

in her eyes

in her smile

all over her face

"hey mate, what's news?"

well, my


magpies play your bloody bombers

next week

don't worry though, we'll kick some arse!

and no "divine intervention"!!

if we lose, i'll blame you!

"hey mate, what's news?"

thommo's doing well

so's kat

and bec

see them around uni

bec's doing nursing

with chrissie

loz is still at school

year 12 at mckillop!

reckoned there was a


against her at kths!

nat had her baby

a baby girl


what a cutie

and yes,

she's still with troy

and me?

still crusin along!

so that's news mate.

miss ya, Mel.


i see your face in my mind

you're smiling at me

i wish that you were here right now

why did god take you away?

my eyes fill with tears

as i think of

never seeing your smile again

never hearing your voice ever again

i still can't believe you're gone

i wonder if you're happy

i wonder if you know

how much

we all miss you

we all love you

i guess we will meet again one day

i hope that day comes soon

the world without your smile, Mel,

the world without you,

is a sadder place


Peace, and I'm out.

Edit at 1:41: *lmao* you would not believe what I just found! A paper titled "Our day at the Highschool"!!!!! The date on it is 13-12-95. 1995!!!! That paper is half my age! My teacher has even written a comment on it! If I can figure out how to scan it later, I'll put it on here.
** Tried to add the scanned pages to the end and it wouldn't do it, so they're at the top. If you click on them, I think they enlarge.

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