Thursday, July 12, 2007

Filling in time! :o)

Well, I have 15-20 minutes before I have to leave for JST, so I figured I'd do a quick entry since my hair is all pretty and I have clothes on :-P *lol*
The news on Lillie isn't great, unfortunately. At the moment (nearly 48 hours out from surgery), she is only responsive to painful stimuli. The doctors know there is some neurological damage, the only question is how much. My heart breaks for this gorgeous little girl and her amazing family. How can life be so unfair??
In other CB news ... Hunter is out of hospital! Yay! I haven't been checking on as many of the kids as I usually do, so I won't do a full update here. If you want to know how they're doing, look to the right of the page and follow the links :o)
Not much news from here ... Rang my sister yesterday ... And almost hung up on her :o) *lol* She was in a foul mood, and swearing all over the place ... Ahh, nice! I'll give her a week then see if she's still grumpy.
JST is going well. Still hoping that jury duty doesn't take too long so I can get it knocked over next week ... I really don't want it to drag on. Today will be Matt's last day, which is a pity, I really like Matt. He's fairly quiet, and I always think he'd scream if he saw his own shadow! :o) But he's friendly, and it'll be sad to see him go. We had a "dog-girl" show up on ... Tuesday? I think it was (she actually also turned up one day last week as well). She was this hippy kind of chick, who came in with a bag over her shoulder (containing a dog - one of those little rat things - a Paris Hilton kind of dog), a bag over her arm, a violin case on her back, and the whole beanie/funny hat thing going on. Barrie, who's usually easy going, immediately raised his voice and told her the dog wasn't appropriate, and to get it out! So she and her her dog disappeared, and haven't been seen since. She was meant to attend yesterday, so I don't know what's going on there. It will be interesting to see if she shows up today.
Craig is still there, and still sitting next to me. Every. Single. Freakin. Day! Grr. Yesterday I heard his theories about how the crops are all good, so the price of food isn't because of inflation or bad crops, it's Howard's fault ... Eh? I also heard his theory on how there will be another "Tampa" Crisis (The refugee/boat crisis that happened before the last Federal Election) so the country sees what happens ... EH??! And he shared with me that we should "send them all back to their own countries". I'm not sure who "they" are, I think he meant everyone in Australia that was not born here? It's very ... Interesting!

Anyway, I gotta take off. Peace, love and laughter.

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