Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So tonight I'm feeling winded ... Long-winded that it, so it might be a long entry :o) *lol*
Started Job Seeker Training yesterday (JST), which is a Centrelink requirement when you are receiving Newstart allowence. You have to do 100 hours of JST, about 50 hours with your employment agency, and 50 hours at home/off site. Yesterday was ok, kind of boring. It's all things I already know. The JST trainer, Barrie, is a nice guy, but my god can he talk! Today he got so far off topic, we ended up talking about baby names. Yup, seriously. Odd! And it had nothing to do with getting employment! I have tomorrow and Thursday at JST, then on Friday I get to miss a day (woo hoo!!) because ... I have another trial shift at the cafe.
Yeah! :o)
Got the message on my phone this morning from Heather, asking me to give her a call back, which I did in a break, thinking that she was ringing to tell me I didn't get the job. She'd said she'd call on Saturday or Sunday, so when I hadn't heard anything I assumed I'd missed out. But no, she wants me to go in for another trial on Friday, and then ... assuming it all goes well ... sign an employment agreement! :o) Woo hoo! So it sounds to me like she's already made up her mind to offer me a job, and now I'm hoping that I don't do anything on Friday to totally stuff that right up! :o)
There was a slight hitch though ... Got home to find a letter saying that I've been summonsed for jury duty.
Are you freaking kidding me??!! I finally get a (good) chance at getting an actual paying job, and now I have to ring the manager and say, "By the way, if you hire me, I'm going to be unavailable for the entire second week of my employment with you." What the??!! *lol* You should have heard me, swearing at the letter, carrying on when I read it! :o)
So I figured, what the hell, I need to at least let Heather (the manager of the cafe) know A.S.A.P. because she'd probably want to at least know that, and if I'm not upfront it might piss her off to find out later, knowing that I knew all along.
So I went for a wander into the cafe, and spoke to her.
And she was totally fine with it.
No problems at all.
Woo hoo!!!! :o) *lol* She said the first couple of weeks I probably won't have that many hours anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully I won't even get selected for a jury, or if I do, hopefully it's not a long trial.

I gotta say, tonight I feel ... a lot less stressed. The thought of getting a job, being able to afford to pay all my bills, rent, food .... God, it sounds so good. I didn't realise how much it was stressing me out, but I've never really had to think about it before. I was always working, you know? I always had money to pay bills and rent, and buy groceries. I never realised how stressful it was, not being able to do that. Newstart allowence barely covers rent and bills. Rent alone for 2 weeks is 2/3 of my Newstart. It doesn't leave much for bills, which is why all my bills are currently overdue!!!

You know, my sister rang last night, to tell me the birthday present I sent my niece arrived, and also that she was thinking of coming to visit me next week. My immediate thought? God, how am I going to afford enough food for two extra people?! *lol* How sad is that?!! It would be so nice not to have to worry about things like that.

Anyway, my dinner is ready, so I might take off. Hope you're all good.

Go hug a tree! :o)

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