Monday, July 23, 2007

Interesting ....

Hi! And welcome to your Monday! How's it going for you? Hope things are good.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Didn't disappoint. I cannot believe the twist with Snape! And all the deaths. JK Rowling has managed to construct the most complete universe in her books, and it all came to an end with book number 7. Everything made sense, it wasn't stupid or unfinished. It is one of the best books I have ever read. Give it a week or so and I'm going to say what I really think about all the different twists and turns, I won't just yet as I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Kudos to Kristie tho, who had an idea about the Snape twist. It ended up taking me until 3 am Sunday morning to finish the book. Chrissie and I got our copies at 10 on Saturday morning, and basically only stopped reading once (to go out for dinner on Saturday night). Have just started re-reading it again, I'm worried I missed some good stuff at the end since I was so tired.


GO PIES. Collingwood had a good win on the weekend, beating the Bombers. Is it just me, or does anyone else thing that they should have won by a lot more? Maybe I expect too much, but the last few wins that Collingwood has had, I think that they should have been greater. They will have an awesome lead, and it's like they just chill out for a few minutes. The other team gets some goals, and the margin is back to one or two goals ... ?! Anyway. Collingwood will be there in September, which is awesome. They won't make it to that "one day in September" though, unless they pull their socks up a bit ... God I hope they can do it! I know everyone's raving on about the Cats at the moment, and they'll be in the September action, but can they keep the awesome form going and make it to the Grand Final? God, I hope that Hawthorn have a crappy run home. I cannot stand them, and I will shoot myself in the foot if they are in the finals! Looked at the ladder this morning and was a bit surprised to see West Coast so high, I hadn't realised they'd been winning so many games. At the moment they're above my Pies! God no! Ahh well ...


Went home to see my mum and dad yesterday. It was ... interesting. And as "Dan" (wink wink, don't worry, "Dan", no one will know who you are! [And if you're looking for the entry about you, go back to Friday]) pointed out, interesting is better than not interesting. Well, yes, that's true, but I honestly think I'd rather not interesting!

So, here's the deal. I haven't said much about my brother lately.

That's because, as far as I'm concerned, he doesn't exist. I cannot, will not, and do not want to forgive him for the way he treated my nephew, my gorgeous little man, Jordyn, and his girlfriend Lorri.

I don't care what anyone thinks. This is the way I feel. I don't care if you judge me for feeling this way. You are not in my shoes.

I have told my mother that I will speak to him again when he changes. When he shows that he is sorry for what he did. When he has an attitude adjustment. When he realises how much he has hurt so many people. When he grows up and puts his son first.

Until then? Nup. Don't care. Don't want anything to do with him.

So, anyway. At first, that is for Jan/Feb/March/April/May and some of June, I was so angry. So pissed off, hurt, upset. I didn't want to be reasonable about it, I didn't want anyone to make excuses for my f***wit of a brother, I wanted to be angry.

---- Sorry, had to stop writing because my mum arrived. She's down for the night. We went and did some shopping ---- [Continued at 5:45 p.m.]

But lately, in the last 4 to 6 weeks or so, the anger has gone. Replaced by acceptance, plain and simple. I no longer want to scream at him, and bash his head against the wall, trying to make him see sense, trying to make him see what he's done - to his son, to his girlfriend, to our whole family. I just ... accept it. Quietly. And I no longer ask about him. No more enquiring what he's up to, whether he's at mum and dads or in Melbourne. Don't care, don't want to know.

So when I went home on Sunday, I wasn't sure if he'd be there, or not. I was pretty sure he'd moved to Melbourne. I thought he was staying with my sister. But yesterday, mum had a few things to tell me.

Darren and Lorri (his girlfriend, Jordyn's mum) have broken up.

Darren is living in Melbourne - but not with Amanda. With his new girlfriend.

Lorri has been in Wangaratta for the last 3 weeks or something, trying to deal with the break-up.

Hmmmm .... Interesting.

I can't really explain how happy I felt ... As horrible as this sounds, and as mean as it may seem, I'm *glad* that it happened. I'm *glad* that they broke up. Isn't that awful? I'm happy that my nephew no longer has parents who are together. Wow - that does sound really awful. But I'm happy. Lorri deserves better. Maybe this will make the f***wit into a better person. I don't know. I don't really care, either, to be honest. All I care about is Lorri and Jordyn. And I'm so happy for them! :o)


Had my haircut before when we went shopping ... Ok, no one with scissors is ever coming near me again. I asked for a *LITTLE* bit off my fringe. The hairdresser decided to layer my fringe -- I don't know whether she stuffed it up and had to fix it, or whether it's meant to be really short ... But it looks awful! I don't like it.


My new niece? Will be named ... Amy Lee. Yep. Her older sister is named Amber Lee. Okkkk ...


Ok, I'm out. Have more to write, but I'm in the middle of cooking lasange. So I'm gonna take off before I burn something :o)

Peace, love and laughter!

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