Sunday, September 30, 2007

Post #200 for me ... and I'm using it to say:


Didn't see the game? You missed a bloody good game. The final score belies the fact that most of the game, Manly did actually give Melbourne a fairly good run for their money. Manly made a lot of errors and stupid mistakes though, and they paid dearly for them.

My highlights? Let's see ...

- Matt King, shown going around and shaking the hand of every Manly player, before he joined his teammates to celebrate. Now that's a good winner.
- Greg Inglis. Pretty much every time he moved, all night. He didn't make many (any?!) mistakes, and he deserved the Clive Churchill medal.
- Cameron Smith, "praying" before kicking to convert a try. He only converted 3 tries out of 8 tonight, so I don't know what the hell was going on with his kicking, but they made 8 tries so the extra points didn't matter too much! :-)
- Craig Bellamy (Melbourne's coach) getting a massive bucket of gatorade or something dumped all over him in the celebration. Funny as!

I was also impressed with the way Melbourne played. By about the 60th minute, Melbourne had pretty much won the game. With only 20 minutes to go, they held a 22 - 8 lead, and yet they played as if they still had 60 minutes to go, and the game was still in the balance. With 10 minutes to go, they scored another try, and had well and truly secured the game, but still the entire team ran hard, played hard, and by minute 75 (after another try!) they knew they had won, the guys on the sidelines were celebrating, Craig Bellamy and his coaching staff had already left the box and were on the field, but still the guys on-field played as if they could lose. They were friggin amazing!

The final score, in case you're interested, was 34 - 8. They deserved the win.

Go Storm :-) You bloody little ripper!

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