Friday, September 07, 2007

Nearly time to toddle off to work for another day ... :-)

Next Thursday, it will 6 years to the day that Mel died. I hate September 13th. The year she died, September 13th was a Thursday too.

I'm just thinkin random stuff this morning!

Dad lost his job on Tuesday. That's a bit of a bummer. The union is trying to see if they can do anything to help him. They're blaming the new I.R. laws - I'm not so sure. Part of it will be because of the new laws, but the union has an agenda to push as well - making people believe the laws are bad. It's all political ...

The birdies are good. They have no one to talk to all day, since the house is quiet, so when I get home, they go friggin nuts for about 4 hours! It's funny as.

I should probably think about heading to work, but I'm not really in any big hurry this morning ... I'm always there way early, so I'm just going to take my time this morning. I really did not to get out of bed this morning! My alarm was set for 6:30, it was 7:15 before I dragged myself outta bed!

My darling little niece is going to be very much like her mother ... In personality and temprement, I think! She's a crack up! And the girl knows how to throw a tantrum! Most of the time she's pretty good - she keeps herself entertained. She's such a busy little bee, always on the way to doing something, or getting something that she has to have! It's so funny to watch her, she just doesn't stop! She doesn't really get into mischief - she knows if something is wrong and she generally don't do it. She just keeps herself occupied.

Ok, I'm going to take off. Peace out guys. I'll leave you with an Amber quote today:

(On Tuesday, I took Amanda and Amber to mum and dad's. We were out the back, and I was throwing the ball for Sherlock (also known as "Puppy" to Amber) to bring back to me. Sherlock decided he wanted to run around with the ball, so Amber started to chase him)

Amber: Puppy! GIVE IT BACK! GIVE IT BACK! Puppppppy!!!!!! Give it!!!!!

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