Monday, July 14, 2008

Stupid Car. Stupid winter. Stupid Monday.


Sometimes, I hate my car.

It's freezing here in the mornings at the moment. Hello, it's winter so it's to be expected, I guess.

But my car does not like the cold mornings. It's so old it's got a choke, which has to be pulled out for a while before I go anywhere.

I've been parking my car in the backyard, because last week, 3/4 of a tank of petrol went missing from my car when it was parked out the front on the street.

So, out the back I went a few minutes ago to warm up my car.

To get out of my backyard, I have to reverse out of my carport, do a quick turn, then a kind of three point turn to get out, because its so narrow.

I reverse out ... And my car friggin dies. And, because I'm going down, it lurches backwards.

Into a tree.

Hello, smashed tail light.


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Anonymous said...

Hiya, sorry to hear about your car...if you ever decide to get rid of that piece of crap there is this great place called that will buy your car no matter what condition it's in (plus FREE towing) my friend just told me about so I thought I'd let you know LOL
Best of Luck!