Thursday, July 03, 2008


I know. I've been so totally slack this week.

In my defence ... Well, I have no defence, actually. I haven't been crazy-busy or depressed about anything ... Just haven't been on the computer much. Just been flat out lazy :-) Yay, go me!

I worked Monday/Tuesday/half of Wednesday at the office like usual. Have I mentioned how much I love that place?! Yesterday was actually the first time I've had a crappy day there, and it was because I had some guy on the phone who was on a crappy mobile line so I couldn't understand most of what he was saying. He called me fucking stupid, which is always nice to hear. Meg, our accounts chick, was in my office when I answered the call, and when I hung up I turned to her and went "Wow. He was a lovely guy". Mick, who I share the front office with, wasn't in when the call came, so Meg hung around til he got back, because she knew he was going to be pissed off. And he was. Whoever that guy was (and I have a pretty good idea - Mick agrees with me), he's going to get an earful when Mick catches up with him, because he was not impressed that I'd been spoken to like that. It wasn't so much the language that bothered me, because hello, I swear like a sailor on leave at times, it was the way he said it - he was so angry, and he meant it. Why? Because I couldn't hear him properly because of his crappy line. Not my fault, buddy. Anyway, by the time I left I was laughing about it, and told Mick that when he was speaking to the guy to ask him out for me, he's definitely someone I'd want to take home to mum and dad. That got a laugh from Mick :-)

Hmm ... What else ... There hasn't been much else happening here. I didn't go to bed til 3 this morning, and I had to be up at 8 because I had an electrictian coming to look at my stove. I got up that early, and he WASN'T EVEN HOT. Seriously. So disappointed, is all I'm saying. He actually rang at 7:45 to ask what time we'd made the appointment for. I was very impressed with his professionalism. *lol* But, my stove is now working, and I'm getting new drip trays since the old ones are rusted through, so all is good.

Ended up going back to bed about 9 this morning after the electrictian left :-) Ahh, lazy huh? Slept til almost 2. I haven't been sleeping well this week, and I figured that I've got nothing on today, so why the hell not. Thinking now about having a bath then going for a walk somewhere. Have to clean my house this afternoon or tomorrow, as Pete's coming this weekend. It's not that dirty, but I usually clean it at the end of the week anyway.

Hmm ... What else ... Well, there isn't much more to say :-) I've been pretty boring this week. Oh, Origin Three was on last night, and QLD won, and took out the series, 2 - 1 ... :-( They've won the last three series now ... That's ok. Next year will be Year Of The Blue. It was a damn good game last night though, it was close and it could have gone either way. There were a couple of times with only 5 or so minutes left in the second 40 that I thought NSW might score to equal, but I guess it wasn't to be. Oh well.

Anyway. It's actually 3:55 p.m. ... I went and had a shower half way through writing this ... I should probably go and do something now that I've wasted half of the day. Peace out, dudes.

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

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Rachel said...

Somehow, as much as I avoid it, I always gravitate towards guys who are somewhat younger.