Monday, July 28, 2008


So. Work.

I freaking LOVE that place! *lol*

Here's some snippets from the last couple of weeks ...

[T is laughing hysterically]
Me: What are you laughing at? Seriously, what?
T: I just stuck my finger up at that truck driver!
Me: Travis. Seriously! You're like 35!
T [still laughing]: I'm 37, actually!
Me: Oh. My. God!

Me: Ok, so there's 4 columns of figures. That plus that equals time on road, and that plus that equals time off road, yeah?
M: Yep, that's right. And that column there is loading time, and that one is dumping time.
Me: Cool. Oh. Wait ...
M: What? What's wrong?
Me: Man, my feet are freaking cold.
M: ... What?! You wanna tell me where that came from?

Me: There's a dude on the phone. Wants a quote.
M: Dude?? Dude??!
Me: I'm trying to raise my 'cool' factor. Is it workin, homey?
M: Oh my god.
Me: Ok, I'm going to go back to Dorkville now. Call if you need anything.

[Last Wednesday, before I left, M wanted me to show Lynda how to do the VLS sheets I'd been doing all week, so he could transfer them onto new sheets.]
M: ... And you can explain it to Lynda ...
Me: Hell no!
M: Please?
Me: Hell no! I want to leave in 15 minutes, not 4 hours and 15 minutes!
M: Ok, fine. I'll do it.
[This morning, I get to work and M hands me a heap of VLS sheets that need to be done]
Me: I thought Lynda was going to finish these of last week.
M: I gave up trying to explain it to her. Do you have any idea how friggin hard it was? I tried and tried. And tried. And she STILL didn't get it!
Me: Hehehe ... Crap, now I have to do them!
M: Hahahaha.

Me: Yeah, Saturday was not my day. Collingwood lost, my fish died, then I broke up with my boyfriend.
M: That sucks!
Me: Yeah. I don't know what I'm more upset about - the footy or the fish.
T: What about the boyfriend?
Me: Pfft. Good riddance.
M laughing.
T: Well, you know what they say ... There's plenty more fish in the sea. Watch out for sharks, though! [Laughing to himself, like he's said something hilarious and witty.]
Me: [mumbling to myself] So weird ...

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