Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, today I'm home from work, sick. Which is a bummer, because I actually like my job. But I feel like crap, so I wouldn't have been much use to anyone. I've got tonsilitis and a chest infection. Woo hoo. Ragin'.

I got no sleep last night. Went to bed at 11, tossed and turned for ages ... At 1 a.m. I got up and made a milky-good milo. At 2 a.m. I got up and started watching the Gilmore Girls. At 4 a.m. I decided to do some work, just bits and pieces that have come home with me over the last week. At 5 a.m. I started putting some new photos up on my walls. I finally crashed on the couch at about 6:30, only to have my alarm go off for work at 7 a.m. So, I rang Mick, and told him that although I knew that he would miss me terribly, he'd have to do without me today. He said he'd try his best not too get too distraught, and that I should take it easy.

I was going to go back to bed after ringing work, but I only had an hour and a half to wait until I could ring the doctor and make an appointment, so I decided it would probably be easier to just stay awake.

I'm so tired now though ... :-) Kind of over-tired, I think. I want to go to sleep, but I can't. I have tried. In bed, on the couch. The sleep thing just aint workin for me.

I don't really have much else to say ... Ugh. So brain dead today :-) I got a medical certificate for today and tomorrow, but I'll probably go to work tomorrow. It's only half a day, and the guys will be missing me, I'm sure :-P *lol* Plus, I'm already bored out of my brain. What would I do with another day at home? I am meant to be going to Kerang tomorrow after work, I guess I could just go in the morning ... But I wanna go to work. *lol*

Anyway, I'm going to take off. Might go watch some more Gilmore Girls and try to sleep on the couch.

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

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