Thursday, May 12, 2011

Money = Stress!

Yes, once again I'm stressed about money. Money, money, money.

It's probably impolite to talk about it on such a public place, but I don't care. This blog is where I write out my worries, and currently money is my biggest worry.

Roxy the wonder puppy had the lump cut off/out of her tongue last night ... $300 later, I got to pick her up this morning.

Thankfully, she seems to be doing ok tonight. She's been very quiet (as in movement wise - noise wise she's been whining all day!) and clingy all day, so hopefully tomorrow she is feeling much better.

Meanwhile, I spent $100 at the chemist on my allergy medication, which I need because the dog is inside, and I'm allergic to the dog, so I feel like shit. So, thanks to the dog, half my pay is now gone. Gone. And I've still got rent, food, dog food, my car loan, an insurance payment, a gym payment and petrol to pay for. UGH.

It'll be ok. I know it'll be ok. I'll make it work somehow. I'm just so stressed.

Ok, better go check on Roxy the wonder puppy. She's in the sunroom at the moment while I dust and vacuume to try and get this allergy headache down a bit.

I'm out :-)

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