Monday, May 09, 2011

Don't change ... Don't ever change.

Feelin' crappy, but I go back to work tomorrow.

I love that this blog has new life: That I again have somewhere to come, and write what I think. What I really feel.

I haven't heard about the rental property around the corner. Still waiting ...

Do you know what pisses me off?

Well, not pisses me off, but annoys me?

For months, actually longer than months, I've been telling my housemate that whenever she goes to Melbourne, she could drive instead of taking the train.

On Friday, she finally did it. Why? Because this new guy that she's seeing said that she could do it, said she should try.

I don't like it when girls change for guys.

It makes me feel like I'm nothing, like my opinion doesn't matter, that she ignores me the whole time I'm telliing her she could do it, then just because some guy, who barely even knows her, said she could, she does it?? What the hell?

Ok, well ... That's all for today.

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