Friday, May 02, 2008

The Eagle has landed.

Well, Christine is home, so same thing, really.

Which means that Jersey has gone home and stayed home :-) Yay!

I went around there last night to hang out for a while since I haven't seen Chrissie in a week. We watched some dvds, ate junk and sat in front of the heater. Nice and relaxing.

When I was leaving Chrissie's, I grabbed my iPod from the bench and chucked it in my hoodie pocket. Usually I would put it in my bag, but my bag was full.

So, I got home, chucked on a load of washing, had a bath ... And it was while I was relaxing in the bath that I ... REALISED I'D PUT MY FREAKING IPOD IN THE WASH.

So of course I bolted to the washing machine, and yes, there was my iPod, still tucked in my hoodie pocket ... Literally leaking water.

I cannot believe I did something so stupid. I worked my arse off to buy that iPod. I don't buy myself a lot of stuff like that - occasionally I'll buy myself a dvd of a tv show, that's about the most I'll spend. But this was my christmas present to myself last year. I worked my arse off in that kiosk, with a sometimes-horrible boss to pay for it.

And now, it's wrecked. Dead.

I don't even know how I'm going to survive without it. I would use my iPod about 4 times a day.

This morning, I was up early to move all the furniture in the lounge and pull apart the spare bed. A guy is coming to clean my carpets today, because I've been in this house two years and haven't had them done once. Also, Jersey peed AND pooped on my carpets, so I figure I should get them cleaned. While I was in the spare bedroom, pulling apart the bed, I was bored. So my thoughts went something like this:

"I should go get my iPo --- aaarrrghhhgaaack. Dead."

When I was moving the matresses into the laundry I thought:

"Oh, I should put on the Nova 1069 podcas ---- aaaaawwww. NO! Dead."

What am I going to do??? Seriously. The thing is like attached to my body, and now I've drowned it and rendered it useless.

This may be the dumbest thing I have ever done.

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