Sunday, May 04, 2008

Serious ... For a change.

Tonight, there is no funny stories, no bitching about work, no stupid quotes from my day.

Tonight, there is just a request for prayers/good thoughts/juju/whatever works for you, for my mum's best friend and her family.

Last night, her grandson fell 4 metres through a skylight onto a concrete floor. It looks as if he won't make it. He's currently in an induced coma, with serious head injuries, fighting for his life.

So if you could please send up a prayer, a thought, or whatever you like, I'm sure it would be much appreciated by Janice, Mark, Jodie and family.

Edit: (Tuesday) 06/05/08 -
Jayden is still in an induced coma. Doctors are hopeful that on Thursday they may be able to start reducing the drugs that are keeping him under, to see if his body can handle it. Things are still critical for him, but for the last 24 hours he has been stable ...

Edit - 28/05/2008 -
It's been a long few weeks for Janice, Mark, Jodie, Caroline and family. Lots of unexpected issues thrown up - Jayden was operated on to remove part of his skull and release some pressure. He is doing ok, but still remains in an induced coma.

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Netel said...

i am really sorry to hear that... i wish i could do more but i will pray for the boy.