Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear B*** ...

Dear BH**

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay at your fine establishement - Hotel de Bendigo Hospital, thanks to a little something called pneumonia.

This was not a vacation I had planned for - thankfully, this great state of Victoria picked up the bill for me! Score!

Although my stay was short, it was not what I'd call enjoyable - strangely, being poked with needles, having blood taken, having sticky things put on my chest, and being woken to have a nurse stick something in my ear doesn't really make me all that relaxed or happy - I must commend you on your excellent room service. Someone always appeared when I rang for room service. Kudos! Although, when I rang the little buzzer I did not receive, as requested, a massage. Instead, one of your staff would mumble something, and walk away. Or, even worse, they would poke, prod, or stick me again. Oh, you lost some points there, Hotel de Bendigo Hospital.

I must also tell you that the food - far from being the five star cusine that one might expect while on holidays - was very ordinary. Although I was given a choice of three meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all three options were always very unappealing. And once the food arrived ... Well, what can I say? Very ordinary, very ordinary. Perhaps you should consider hiring Chef Ramasy? I've heard the man has a bit of a mouth on him, but I've no doubt he can whip your kitchen into shape!

I must also commend you on your linens. While they do not look to be anything fancy, housekeeping made sure that the sheets were clean, and the blankets were warm.

I did however request a queen bed when I was admitted, and was given a single. Now, what is up with that? It did not escape my attention that all beds in de Hotel are single ... Perhaps next year, the budget could stretch for some double or queen beds? Perhaps it will make your "guests" more comfortable!

In closing, I wish to thank you for my sometimes pleasant vacation. While some may argue that two days is not long enough for a holiday, I would say that at Hotel de Bendigo Hospital, two days is more than enough!

Yours truly,

P.S. I must also say thank you for the complimentary oxygen you had me hooked up to. That was a lot of fun! Not as much as a spa treatment though ...

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