Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bizarre. Freaky. Weird. Disturbing.

What people have typed into search engines ... And then ended up at this blog:

- what would cause you to pee when you vomit - Um ... what the? Weird.

- spot on my stomach - Could you be any vaguer?

- doctors appointment coldplay fix you blog - I swear to god. that's exactly what someone typed into a search engine to end up here. No words taken out or added.

- how to make yourself vomit everything - Well, that's just disturbing. And really sad.

- scrubs doctor cox and jordyn lose baby - Doctor Cox and Jordyn lose a baby on Scrubs? Are you kidding me?

- wangaratta safeway murder - There was a murder at Safeway in Wangaratta? Maybe I should look it up on the internet and find out what happened.

- why are parts of the ocean bluer than others - Well I have no freaking idea what that answer is.

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