Friday, April 11, 2008

Stupid technology

Man, I'm tired.

Yesterday, I worked. Woo hoo, give me a medal. *lol* Sorry, I'm just amusing myself.

Anyway, mum and dad came down to Bendigo for the day, to look at doors, and go car browsing. They ended up buying mum a new computer. Not because there's anything really wrong with hers, but she just thought it was time for a new computer.

So, last night after work I headed up to mum and dads. I spent hours last night setting up the computer, and transferring all her photos and family history stuff onto the new computer. Surely there's a quicker, easier way to do it ... Too bad I don't know it.

So, as my piece-of-crap-i-think-it-is-possessed-and-it-hates-me-laptop has been playing up lately, I inherited mums old computer. I've just spent ages getting the broadband connection sorted out ... Man, was that confusing. I had to dig out the CD I got when I first connected to Telstra. And then my modem - which has obviously been chewed by A RABBIT, who shall remain nameless, thank you very much BUCKLEY B. BUNNY - decided it didn't want to work. And, as it turns out, you can't connect to the internet without a modem. Who knew?

So, now I've got to move all my photos and stuff onto this computer, as well as install iTunes. Because there's no way in hell I'm goin without my podcasts and music! :-)

Anyway. I've got to go do some stuff, and then I'm going to have a very quiet night on the couch. I'm freaking exhausted.

Peace out.

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