Sunday, April 06, 2008

The girl who cried 'Unemployment'

So, I feel a little like the girl who cried wolf.

I think I've said about three times that I'm unemployed. In my defence, I did honestly believe that I was going to be unemployed. I'm still working at the cafe, but ... We're out at the end of the month.

I've actually known this for about a week. I just didn't say anything, because hello, look at my record! But it seems this time it's actually going to happen. Come May 1st, I will be unemployed.

Last week, my boss made the decision that she didn't want to move the kiosk into the new shop. The kiosk which no longer exists. It's actually been pulled to bits, and has been sitting in the closed shop, just waiting to be re-assembled and put to work again. We were going to move out of the cafe, and merge the kiosk and the cafe into a new shop.

However, because of all the trouble Nick (the owner of the centre) has caused, and the fact that my boss is in so much debt, and lets not forget that she is miserable out at the Market Centre, she has decided not to re-open.

I still thought that she might have changed her mind, so still I said nothing. But on Saturday, they started moving the kiosk stuff out of the new shop. Most of the stuff from our storeroom has been moved. All of the things (cups, saucers, utensils, cooking stuff etc.) we took into the cafe when we took it over are now gone.

Damn. This might actually be happening.

To be honest, I'm not that upset. I'm not really that happy out there either. I like the people I'm working with. I'm getting along with my boss ok. But the whole place is not doing very well, and it's pretty damn depressing. I hate going to work. We have about 5 empty shops out there, which doesn't seem like a lot, but it's not a big centre and that's about a third of the shops out there. Later this month, another shop is closing, and one of the shops there is cutting in half.

My boss has said she wants to re-open the business. She just doesn't know where and when.

So I'm applying for jobs.

I would love to stay with the business, but I can't sit around and wait indefinitely for her to re-open.

I've actually been applying for jobs here and there the whole time. Just trying to keep my options open. But now, it steps up a notch. I have done the unemployed thing. Don't really want to go there again.

Anyway. I'm gonna head to bed. It's late, and I worked today, so I'm tired.

Peace out.

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