Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sorry about the language ...


What's up?

I don't really have much to say.

I'm in a foul mood. I'm not really sure why.

Partly because I feel like crap. I've got the headache from hell. And I spent most of last night struggling to breathe. Don't know what's going on there.

I was almost late to work this morning. I was still awake at 5 a.m., so I got up and put my heater on, figuring that by the time I got up for work at 8, the house would be nice and toasty. I remember looking at the clock at 7:30 ... and THEN I must have fallen asleep. (I had all freaking night to sleep. I couldn't do it then?) I woke up and it was 9:10. I had to be at work at 10. It's been taking me like 25 - 30 minutes to drive to work, because all of a sudden they want to fix every freaking road in Bendigo, and there are three lots of roadworks on my way to work. But anyway, I made it.

Work was ok. I got home at 3:30, and pretty much went straight to bed. Got woken at 7 by my phone ringing. Took me a while to wake up and realise what it was. It was my sister, ringing to say hi. I think she guessed that I wasn't in the best mood, as we only spoke for about 15 minutes. Usually my sister will crap on for an hour or more. I would say talk, but she doesn't really talk. I love her, but she just craps on about not much at all. An average conversation with my sister lasts about 60 - 80 minutes. That's why I never ring unless I know I have at least an hour spare. Usually she'll tell me the same story at least three times in any conversation. She figured out that I'd just woken up, because I couldn't really think clearly enough to form words, so I didn't have much to say.

Anyway. I'm still pretty fucked, I don't know if I'm coming down with something or what, but I'm exhausted, so I think I might head back to bed. I was going to get something to eat, but I ate half a chocolate bunny before, so fuck it, I'm going to call that dinner and be done with it.

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