Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jersey (A.K.A. Destructo)

So. Long story short - Christine's away for a couple of weeks, so I'm baby sitting her eight month old puppy, Jersey.

Now, let's recap.

The last time Jersey stayed with me, this happened:

In three nights he managed to pee on my vacuum cleaner, destroy my sunglasses, rip a hole in my doona cover, eat a Tupperware container, and rip apart a book. Good work, Destructo!

Christine left for Kerang on last Wednesday. On Wednesday night, I picked the pup up and we headed to my place. Since then, he has managed to:

- knock over the birds cage
- freak out the rabbit by trying to stick his nose in the cage
- get into my bin and my recycling container and spread whatever he can find all over my lounge room floor numerous times
- find a tube of lip gloss, and destroy it ... All over my new sheets, effectively wrecking them by staining them (that happened Monday night. I got so upset I actually cried. Yup. Pathetic, huh?!) - pee right outside my toilet door so I STOOD in it when I got up the other morning
- chew up two socks, a pair of thongs, and a book.

He has also given me several near-strokes, by running off when I let him outside to do his business. He's always got a leash on, because my street is usually a little busy (even at night) but I let him walk around as he wants when I let him out. He's currently in the laundry, being punished because he took off when I let him outside a few minutes ago. He ran across the road, and kept dodging away from me, like it was some fun, awesome game. Meanwhile, I'm nearly having a FIT, because I can see him getting run over or disappearing into the darkness.

I'm not quite sure when Christine is returning ... But my god, as much as I love that dog (and I do, he is gorgeous, and will always cheer me up after work. Plus, when he's in a mental mood, he's FREAKING HILARIOUS!) I hope that it's soon ... ! :-)

Edited: 9:15 p.m.

I just found Jersey, under my bed, CHEWING ON MY WATCH. He's obviously been there a while, because it's destroyed. You know what? I'm not even upset. It's more like ... "Eh. Oh well."

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