Thursday, January 10, 2008

I know. I've been so slack. So slack.

... Forgive me?!

This won't be a long entry ... Tired from work. And got another long day tomorrow ...

Anyway. Snapshots from my week:

[Me standing there, covered in cream after the cream bottle exploded over me]

My boss: [While laughing hysterically] How do these things always happen to you?!

Christine and I went to a very fancy, very expensive restaurant tonight. The prices were huge, the meals were ... Small.

Me: Dude. I think the waiter helped himself to some of my dinner on the way from the kitchen.

[Me standing there after the chocolate topping just exploded all over me]

Bree: How do these things always happen to you?! I've never seen anything like it.

Me: If rabbits had tiny little bunny condoms, there wouldn't be a problem.

[As soon as we leave the restaurant tonight]
Christine: Ok. Lets hit Maccas and get part two of dinner!

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