Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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Firstly, I will be signing autographs tomorrow at 9 ... Bring your own pen, I'm waaaaay to important to have to worry about finding a pen ... :-P *lol*
Yesterday morning, I slept in. Well, that's not technically true. I was awake ... I just couldn't be bothered dragging my lazy arse out of bed, so by time I got out, I was running way late. So, I only had 5 minutes to do my hair, and I ended up chucking it up in a messy ponytail. Get to work, and Julie (our cleaner) says to me, "Are you ready for the cameras darl?"
Turns out the centre is turning one soon, and Nick (the owner) had organised for people to come and film a tv ad. Oh, great! We got in groups, and sang happy birthday ... It took us 3 goes to get it right! Funny as!

We're well into this 275-day journey, in fact, we're almost at the end of it! Only about 15 more days until my niece arrives into the world. Amanda is doing well, still yapping away ... I swear she never shuts up!

I have the weekend off work. God, I'm so excited! *lol* (Although, after Thursday, I might not actually have a job ... Trying not to freak out about that.) Christine's birthday is on Saturday, so we're hanging out, having lunch, maybe going bowling or something like that. Sunday, I've arranged to head over to _____ for the day, and go on a ______ (The blanks will be filled in after the weekend :-)). I've never actually driven to _____, so I was thinking of taking a drive over there tonight after work, or tomorrow afternoon, since I have tomorrow off work. It's only about an hour either way, so that's not too far away. I think we'll have a nice weekend.

Work is ok. Like I said, I'm not sure how much longer I'll have a job - there's a lot of stuff going on and I'm trying not to worry too much. Whatever happens, happens. Getting all stressed out isn't going to do anything. We've had a quiet couple of days, hopefully today is busier. I'm on my 7th day straight, I'm so looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

Only 2 months, (just a tad under two months, actually) until that jolly fat man pays us a visit ... Have you been naughty or nice?

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