Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who, exactly, is being unreasonable?

So, Christine came around the other day. Her and Jason have broken up (again). But I think it's final this time. This is how our conversation went ...

Christine: I've deleted his numbers from my phone.
Me: What, you don't know them automatically?
Chrissie: Nup. And I tore up his business card.
Me: He has a business card? Cool.
Chrissie: It's NOT COOL! You're meant to be on my side!
Me: Ok. So he's a total, utter dumbarse. Only dickheads have business cards.
Chrissie: I even deleted messenger off my computer, deleted his hotmail address AND cleared the little history thing.
Me: Wow. Ok then.
Christine: ... ...
Me: What? What's wrong?
Chrissie: I think I need to get a new phone number. I mean, what if he decides to message me or ring me one day? I need to change my number.
Me: Ok, well make sure you give me the number.
Chrissie: You're not taking me seriously!
Me: Yes, I am. I seriously want you to give me you're new number ... When you get it.
Chrissie: And you know how we were talking about moving in together? And we were thinking maybe at the end of the year? Could we do that a bit sooner than we planned?
Me: How much sooner?
Chrissie: Next week.
Me: Sure. Why the hell not?
Chrissie: That would be great.
Me: Well, we're going to Medicare soon, and DCK and Tweed Sutherland are right near Medicare. We'll just pop in and get some rental listings, and start looking today. Ok?
Christine: Oh, now you're just being ridiculous!
Me: I'M the one being ridiculous?! Ha!
Christine: Oh, by the way, I need to steal Jason's GPS thingy, to take my address out of it.
Me: If you're moving, what does it matter if he's got your old address? But, if it really matters to you, all we have to do is go to Melbourne, sit outside his house, wait until he's in bed for the night, break into his ute, break/change the GPS and then we can go home. Simple.

Yeah, this is the way our conversation actually went.
Hahaha ....

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hilarious lol